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 Well more 360s have been sold since halo 3 was out so do u think there is a possiblity of outselling here.

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for sure a possibility, if it doesn't, it'll be pretty damn close.

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Nope. It won't.

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Its really hard to say because Gears of War only sold about 4.5 million units.  So i'm sure it will sell really good, but its too hard to tell.

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I don't think it will outsell it will be close to halo 3 sales though.

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Gears sold 4.7 million, correct me if I'm wrong on this.
Gears 2 will at least sell that much, probably more.

Halo 3 sold 8.7 million I believe, so most likely not.

Again these numbers may or may not be right, they're from memory.

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I don't think it will, but I'm sure it could sell two million units in November.

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Yes.... Yes it will...

Halo blows goats, and Gears will be the new franchise people think of when they think Xbox come November...

Screw Halo...

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Pitta said:
"Yes.... Yes it will...

Halo blows goats, and Gears will be the new franchise people think of when they think Xbox come November...

Screw Halo..."
You must not be very good at Halo...

And I do not think it will outsell Halo 3. But it will probably come close.
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No, not a chance I believe.

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no halo 3 sold around 8 million right. Gears is a more gory game, which truns parents off to buying it for thier kids, and turns older gamers off too. Its not the universal game halo is.

so not it will not outsell halo imo
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If Gears 2 has the proper marketing campaign, then I don't see why not. I think it has potential to sell over 8 million.

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The Gears of War fanbase is not as big as the Halo fanbase.

But I think it has the potential becuase for one there will be more 360's, but also theres really no other major hit rated M game coming this fall for the 360.

Gears 2 holds that crown

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No, no where near the coverage Halo 3 had and not as much attention for the general media.  Halo 3 had coverage at almost every 11 o'clock news at launch day, I don't see that happening for Gears.  Though I may be wrong.

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Gears of War doesn't have the wide appeal or the 5 year head start on making fans that Halo has so.....Probably not. Also I don't think Microsoft will market it to death like they did with Halo.

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it wont come close to the number that Halo 3 put up. just imagine all the little Halo fanboys and then see if you think there are even half the ammount of Gears fans. it wont be the same this time around but maybe Gears 3

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Gears 2 will do good. But I doubt it will outsell Halo 3 (the hype surrounding that was crazy)

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If it does it wont be by much. I think Gears 2 will sell close to Halo 3 but not more.

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Gears doesn't have the mass appeal that Halo 3 did. Halo 3 was covered on mass media outlets when it was coming out. I am not sure Gears 2 will even come that close.

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Are you fur realz?

No, but it will get close.

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As much as I love Gears, and that is a lot, I really can't see Gears 2 outselling Halo 3. Not a chance. The amount of money that was spent on advertising Halo 3 is mind blowing (I would imagine), and won't be outdone. And then there's the fact that Halo 3 appeals to all gamers, from casual to hardcore, whereas Gears isn't a game for the fainthearted.

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Hell to the no. Get real.

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It will sell loads but it won't even come close to the scale of advertising and hype Halo 3 had....

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Sequels always gross more than the original, but GOW2 would have to almost double its  predecessor's sales to beat Halo 3, and it's just not very likely.