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hai everyone once again i have a important question for the gb  crew concerning my piece of shit laptop and if it will run a gam 
atm all of my mates have just started pl;aying aion again and i wouldnt mind to have a crack with my laptop but i dont know if it will run 
i have a acer 5417 g with a i3 2.13 ghz cpu with 4 gb of ddr3 and a ati 5470 mobility gpu 
it runs starcraft 2 on low settings but i think i would want to play the vision expansion coming soon and i dont know if i could run that as well  
all feedback would be appreciated tanx  
everyone else feel free to post question about sys req here as well

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If it doesn't, would it be feasible for you to upgrade the components to make it run it?

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its a laptop so its pretty hard to upgrade

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you will have a hard time to play games.

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