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It starts at 6, but that's sadly the time where I'm majorly busy for the rest of the night, and won't be able to catch it, well not much of it anyway. So, I ask will this be archived, along with the premium stream? I honestly hope so.

EDIT: Could someone explain to me why premium streams seem to not get archived? I have missed a bunch of things due to this, and it really does make me the saddest person in the world.

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Better be.

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The other two have been.

I''m not sure about the premium stream, though.

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I'd assume that the main stream will be archived, I'm not sure about the secondary (premium) stream. But that's all speculation.

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The second one was archived so probably this one as well.

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@ryanrulez: I'm not fully understanding why the premium streams don't get archived?

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@Baillie: It wasn't archived last year. Hopefully it will be this year.