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Due to the Big Live Live Show Live taking place soon and because of this thread I decided to make this poll in order to reflect the community's overall subscription plans. If the mods feel like this topic is unnecessary feel free to lock it.

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I. There's no value in it for me.

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But, yeah. I'll resubscribe. Funny thing? I've never cared about the two first BLLSs.

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I'm going to re-up when my subscription runs out.

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Mine just expired and I'm not resubscribing for a while.

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@JoeyRavn said:


But, yeah. I'll resubscribe. Funny thing? I've never cared about the two first BLLSs.

Yeah.. Less than a cursory glance would have shown this thread already exists. And is currently heavily under discussion.

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As I wrote in the other thread...

My sub runs out September 14th, and I currently have it set to not auto renew. This is only because my money situation is rather unstable right now, so I honestly don't know if I have spare money to renew by then.

Will I renew when I have the money for it? No doubt about it.

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I'm usually not available for the live stuff. I *love* the subscriber-exclusive videos like Flight Club, but I'm not sure how my situation money-wise will be when re-upping comes around.

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I stocked up on memberships during the sale last year, so I'm all good. Even if I needed too tomorrow, I would in a heartbeat.

Giant Bomb 4 life!

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I've got well over a year or so on my gold, but the absolute dearth of new subscriber content I've yearned for has really put me on the fence on re-upping.

Honestly, I never subscribed to begin with for any extra content. It was a thank you for the tons of free entertainment they've provided me with, and I hate being a negative Nancy about the Bomb Crew which I appreciate so much, but the lately their heart just hasn't seemed as into it as before. We'll see now that the pace of the gaming release schedule heats up, but it just seems like there's been far between gold like their SNES or Olympics marathon which they could be poised to have done more things alike in the slow summer months. I'm not asking for a (dare I utter the words) Endurance Run, but where's the Scrub Leagues? The Hall Of Fame thing Jeff was gonna do? Hell, I'd love for them to just copy Super Best Friends and have them play a game of Mario Party or something like that against eachother. I mean Super Best Friends have copied them with their ER, fair is fair. The TNT where they played Fortune Street was a slice of fried gold.

Bottom line is, I'll probably re-up on my gold cause I wabba support the site as much as possible, but for the first time ever, I actually have my doubts.

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I will continue to support Giant Bomb as long as CBSi doesn't fire anyone! Giant Bomb is the only site worth subscribing to these days!

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@imsh_pl: It would have been better if the original thread was a poll, but even though it's not, there was no need for this thread. The rules clearly say we don't allow duplicate threads,