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I picked A. I really enjoy watching it most of the time, like two years ago, but last year it was on and off. I hope it's good this year, but it's almost kind of F and A for me.

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I definitely want to watch Nintendo's, because they are going to be showing off more WiiU stuff. So far as Microsoft and Sony go...I dunno. I'll probably watch Sony's, but I've kinda lost interest in everything Microsoft has been doing since they started doing all this Kinect nonsense. Last year's Microsoft conference was a snooze fest, and I don't expect this one to be much better.

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I prefer reading/watching recaps simply to get to the heart of what's important

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Absolutely. I try to consume as much as the E3 experience as possible. I love seeing all of the live press conferences and show room floor coverage and then listening to the bombcast at night for the recap of the day. If I don't have time to watch it live, I always make time later on to watch the archival coverage of the games I care about. Gamespot is actually great at showing off the games in their booth and then archiving it all afterward. E3 is the only reason I go to their site anymore to be honest.

This year is going to be an slow one, unfortunately. It's sort of the calm before the storm if you will. Regardless, I'm still super excited about it. I'm a bit of an E3 addict.

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I like watching it when I can, so if I can I probably will. Maybe not watch it directly, but have a stream/show thing playing. Though it is nice to pick out what you want from archives so you don't have to sit through stuff you don't care about.

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Who would answer no? It's our super bowl!

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Probably not, but I'll definitely be following the news of it.

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I picked C.

I won't watch it live but I'll recap afterwards. I have to work while E3 is going on.

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Absolutely, so many great moments from last year, I also enjoy the awkward moments like Mr Caffeine / Ubisoft.

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This seems like a really weird poll. I would have assumed that if you are posting on an internet forum about videogames chances are you will be watching E3 coverage.

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@Dany said:
Who would answer no? It's our super bowl!
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I love watching the press conferences. As I am only the ripe old age of 18, I haven't yet grown jaded. There is a certain excitement that one can feel when a new game or product is being announced live.

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I will watch it, and like most years, I will be disappointed with what is shown. But I'll still watch it.

If nothing else, a new hardware reveal will inject some much needed life into the show this year. (Theoretically)

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I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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I don't know to early to tell last year I was in the middle of finals so I watched and read about stuff like a week or 2 after.

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No, I was going to watch when Valve said they had a new game to announce but now there is no point. This year seems to be about Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo trying to explain to everyone why they should buy their outdated hardware from 2005 - 2006. 

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Definitely! Want to see if Sony has something new up there sleeve and I do want to see new WiiU stuff out of Nintendo. I also want to see what other games third party companies will reveal at E3 this year! Please Sega, give us Total War: Rome 2 already!

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Yeah, but all the shows are probably going to suck ("Focusing on services over games"? Really?) but it's fun to see shit like Mr. Caffeine and Tak Fujii.

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Having the broadband at the firm upgraded this month so that streaming E3 press conferences at my desk this year (during my break, of course) won't be so shoddy.

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Why is there no "Yeah, but I won't enjoy it" option?

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I'll be at work while the streams are up, I'll keep an eye on Twitter though for any bombshells. I'll get most of my E3 news from the evening Bombcasts.

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I never watch conferences, because those are always boring wastes of time despite the fact that they are theoretically dishing out hot new announcements. I always follow what happens at E3 though. It's just one quick trip to the internet later that day gets me all the good news and trailers I need.

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Yup, I'll be watching the live events online during the day and DVR'ing all of G4's coverage.

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Even if it turns into a shit show, at least it will be an entertaining shit show.
No such thing as a bad E3.
Or at least not a boring E3.

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I enjoy watching E3, hoping we get some exciting announcements. Also really hope Sony announce some big titles for the Vita, they really need it.

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@Dany said:
Who would answer no? It's our super bowl!
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I will watch the conferences because they are goofy and dumb.

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I'm expecting Microsoft to have nothing but third parties and Sony to completely flop again.. but I'll be watching anyway. Mainly for Nintendo. The Wii U should be interesting to see and hopefully they pull out something special for the 3DS.

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I would like to watch all of them live, but because of work, I will probably miss most of them. But I'll go back and watch all the conferences eventually.

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I usually take those days off and make an event out of it. I love the vibe and energy that game enthusiasts bring with them. It is the newest form of media and hasn't been beaten down by tradition, so I'm always surprised by something that happens at E3.

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Absolutely. It is essential viewing every year, even when it sucks.

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@AhmadMetallic: @Dany: @Totori said:

@Dany said:
Who would answer no? It's our super bowl!

I'm not going to assume everyone will watch it. I don't think just because you love games, you're into E3. I think there are a lot of people that do, but not everyone. Also, there are some people that don't care to watch it, but those same people will probably want to read about it.@StealthRaptor said:

Why is there no "Yeah, but I won't enjoy it" option?

People always ask the "where's this option?", that's why other is there. I nor anyone can make every possible choice. So, sorry.

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Other: I'll watch what GB tells me to watch, not out of choice, but loyalty?

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@Dany said:
Who would answer no? It's our super bowl!
Well, E3 this year at least is going to be pretty weird. I don't think there will be any huge surprises, and unless you are super into WiiU there's not much in the way of new stuff.
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Heck yeah. I have to know if Nintendo has a clue what they're going to do with the Wii U. It's one of the few times I'll actually go to Gametrailers in any way.

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This year's E3 will probably be a lot more low-key, so I'm planning to have people in my house on and off during the week while it's on. Not sure if I'll hook up the gaming rig to stream GameSpot in HD or if I'll let G4 handle everything, though. I hate G4, but it's less work to just turn on my cable box.

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I'll watch it, but it seems like the last couple of years have been pretty bad. Plus, I have a hard time watching things that are embarrassing, so E3 tends to be pretty hard to watch in that regard. Sometimes I have to stop watching part of the way through because the execs and people on stage are trying way too hard to sell things that look like complete garbage.

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yes, i will be hopefully. i don't know when the times are for streams but i'll will see them.

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The fucking conferences had so many hilarious moments. Also, I called the name of the Wii-U in a joke over Skype while me and some buddies watched together. We laughed because it was such a stupid name. Then we just yelled "NO, HE' JOKING, THAT'S NOT REAL. IT WAS A JOKE, IM SORRY!

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Also, I'm not a jaded asshole like everyone else and tend to just enjoy the cool shit instead of bitching about it.

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Such a crazy question! Of course I will watch and follow E3! ^^^ It's a little special for me though since I'm actually writing and live-podcasting about the stuff on my game site BUT even if I didn't have to do that I would follow E3 cause it's one of the years coolast moments for any gaming interrested person. The nice thing with living in Sweden is that E3 happens during the evening to the night. Quite good times even for someone that works regular hours.

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Yes I love watching it

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Fuck yeah ! 

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Yes, unless I'm working.

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Fuck yeah I am. I love seeing all the new announcements and at the end of the day, the live Bombcasts.


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This is like asking a soccer fan whether he will watch the soccer world cup on a website about soccer. Of course I would. Watch E3 that is, not soccer.

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This might be the first E3 I'm gonna miss (watching online/TV) I'll be arriving in Japan the day it starts.

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I believe I'll be at work during the press conferences unfortunately. I've watched them the last three years so it'll be a little rubbish.

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Right in the middle of a Metallica concert and exams, but I sure would like to see it though.