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#1 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4217 posts) -

#2 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4217 posts) -

So, what you actually going to BUY, with cash-money at the Wallymart and the Best Buy? (A gaming PC with Steam, that you already own, doesn’t count in this dimension.)

#3 Posted by Grilledcheez (4013 posts) -

I honestly have no idea at this point, still waiting for details, but chances are I might buy a couple things.

#4 Posted by Tackchevy (284 posts) -

I'm going to buy whatever console hardware best runs Dark Souls II. And I'll buy a WiiU as soon as Xeno2 is available. Might buy stuff up earlier than that; it's just hard to say when some random software emerges that captures my heart and becomes MUST GET.

#5 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

Whenever said hardware is announced, then I will become interested.

#6 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1251 posts) -

Im going to wait for shit to get announced before I make my decision.

#7 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Why isn't the option 'no' by itself?

#8 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5337 posts) -

@sins_of_mosin said:

Why isn't the option 'no' by itself?

because then we wouldn't get the chuckle-worthy joke about the N-Gage's sales.

As in nobody bought it.

#9 Edited by EXTomar (5042 posts) -

Unless there is some out of the box mega-ton game announcement, no. This generation has taught me even harsher lessons on how the launch lineups suck where it is better to wait than hop on as an early adopter.

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Well i really need to know more about that Steambox. Steam is by and large where most of my gaming is done.

Otherwise probably a PS4. I've had no interest in any Microsoft exclusive this generation but have had considerable interest in many PS3 exclusives and i'm generally keeping an eye on what these studios will come up with next.

#11 Posted by believer258 (13046 posts) -

Only if I win the lottery.

#12 Posted by WarlockEngineerMoreDakka (452 posts) -

No Ouya option? :(

..... No no, its ok, I can understand why you didn't include it. :P (Or the Nvidia Shield... or the Surface Pro... or the Razer Tablet... Or the Gamestick... XD )

Anyway, believe it or not, the Ouya is the only new console coming that I have any urge to get immediately. The other consoles? Probably not within the next 18 months.

At the very least, I'll probably end up getting the next Playstation at some point. But again, definitely not within the next 18 months.

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IF I do (and that's a pretty big if) it will likely be the PS4 and the Steambox.

Edit: That's within the next 18 months, I do fully intend to pick up the PS4 at some point.

#15 Posted by StarvingGamer (9311 posts) -

I can't say definitively but more likely than not, I will be buying a PS4 within a few months of its release.

@WarlockEngineerMoreDakka said:

No Ouya option? :(

..... No no, its ok, I can understand why you didn't include it. :P (Or the Nvidia Shield... or the Surface Pro... or the Razer Tablet... Or the Gamestick... XD )

Anyway, believe it or not, the Ouya is the only new console coming that I have any urge to get immediately. The other consoles? Probably not within the next 18 months.

At the very least, I'll probably end up getting the next Playstation at some point. But again, definitely not within the next 18 months.

Well, I'd hardly call Ouya "Next-Gen"

#16 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5035 posts) -

I doubt that I'll get the next Xbox and I'm planning on waiting for the first price drop on the PS4 for me to consider to buying it, at least by then I'll have a pretty good idea as to how the those consoles will be. It's easy to hold off when I have my PC.

#17 Posted by yani (422 posts) -

As with last time round I'm going to wait at least a year before I even consider getting a new console. I have a sizable backlog of games I want to get through, a good PC and zero interest in being a guinea pig for new hardware after what happened to some last time.

Hopefully after 1-1.5 yrs there will be some decent bundles/price drops and a few decent games that can be got on the cheap.

#18 Posted by mikey87144 (2009 posts) -

A gaming PC is already in the books for me but probably will get a PS4 at launch. I've grown tired of my PS3 and I want to be at the forefront of the next consoles... even though I know you're much better off waiting for the first Price drop when more games are available for the thing.

#19 Posted by TooWalrus (13344 posts) -

It all depends on the GAMES.

#20 Posted by DjCmeP (1224 posts) -

I voted NO but IF I'd buy a new console in the next 18 months it would be PS4 (keeping in mind I know nothing about the new consoles).

#21 Posted by Butano (1897 posts) -

Depends on the hardware and backwards compatibility for the Xbox. But I'll probably get a Steambox to play my library on a couch.

#22 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4013 posts) -

My option isn't here. Either the MS console or the Sony one but as of right now I have no idea which. MS has pissed me off enough with Live bullshit that switching is totally a possibility.

#23 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

I don't think I can make a proper decision until I actually see what games are coming and what these systems can actually do. For now my Wii U / PC is serving me well.

#24 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Nothing this year; will be waiting to see to see what they have lined up.

#25 Posted by SaFt (438 posts) -

It'll probably be the next Playstation.

#26 Posted by bombHills (650 posts) -

Next Xbox for sure, maybe a ps4 too

#27 Posted by CitizenKane (10791 posts) -

I will most likely get the next Xbox at launch. I will get the PS4 a little while after release.

#28 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4217 posts) -

Oh, right. Wii was last-gen, and Wii-U is current-gen. This herr is about Next-Gen, so no dice.

#29 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (255 posts) -

It really depends on whether or not they have strong launch titles or not, but I will end up getting a PS4 eventually without a doubt. It's just my preferred system brand, no I'm not a fanboy. I like games on all systems, just having a favorite system brand is like having a favorite restraunt.

#30 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Nope ..... I rather wait out this time , dont want to deal with RRoD problems again also the games need to be very interesting to plop down $500 + bucks on new stuff

#31 Posted by jjm494 (95 posts) -

I have a pretty big back catalog to get through on the 360, and since I doubt the next X-box is going to be backwards compatible, There's likely no onus for me to pick up the Microsoft's next system anytime soon.

The fact that I have an even bigger steam and pc game back catalog, makes it more likely I'll build a gaming rig once I have a real job.

#32 Posted by Krataur (468 posts) -

No. It will likely be at least 2 years before I buy any of the new consoles, including the Wii U. I have a gaming PC now and enough of a backlog from the current generation to hold me over for a while.

#33 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1048 posts) -

I'm already annoyed with the 360 so the likelihood of me getting the next one is very low. Chances are I'll be getting the PS4 at some point.

#34 Posted by isomeri (1817 posts) -

A poll like this is stupid at this point. Nobody knows anything substantial about any of these consoles.

#35 Posted by upwarDBound (658 posts) -

I very much doubt it.

#36 Edited by Trilogy (2736 posts) -

As it stands now, I have the most interest in getting a PS4. But this is just based on my own conjecture and how the industry seems to be headed. I have zero interest in the microsoft "family box" idea.

But who knows at this point. We'll just have to wait until E3 to have any real substantial information on what's worth buying.

#37 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7736 posts) -

Nope, launch titles are garbage

#38 Posted by probablytuna (4271 posts) -

I had considered purchasing a new PC but with the new console generation coming, I feel like I should wait at least a couple of years before the console hardware start to get outdated before going back to the idea (you could argue that the new consoles will already be outdated by the time they come out but only probably marginally). So yes, I probably will be getting a new console in the next 18 months, and it's probably gonna be a PlayStation unless Microsoft does something major and blows Sony out of the park.

#39 Posted by ExplodeMode (851 posts) -

Launch software usually sucks, the hardware is at its most unstable and if you look at PS2 releases for a few years after this gen started, good last gen games still came out. They don't just stop making good games for the consoles you own.

Some PS2 games that came out around the same time or well after the 360 launch: DQ8, FF12, KH2, Shadow of the Colossus, Tales of the Abyss, Bully, Yakuza 1 and 2, Persona 3 and 4, God of War 2.

#40 Posted by Redbullet685 (6241 posts) -

If I do, it'll be the PS4. So I voted for the PS4.

#41 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -


Well, I'll almost definitely buy a new iPhone at some point soon. Mine has problemzzzz.

Beyond that, we'll see. I know I have no need for a Steambox; if that thing retails under $1500 (which it will duh,) my PC is absolutely definitely more powerful, and I'm fine playing at my desk. And the PS4 and Nextbox will have to catch my attention, obviously. Which, hey, they probably will, I really like those things. It'd take legitimate screw-ups to convince me to wait.

#42 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2395 posts) -

Both the next Xbox and PS4.

#43 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (552 posts) -

I'm planning on waiting at least a full year, just to watch how the landscape of games develops before plunking down several hundred dollars. It'll also give me a year to wrap up any current-gen games I wanted to get to.

#44 Posted by WasabiCurry (430 posts) -

If the PS4 has good RPG's or JRPG's on it, then I will buy it after 18 months from day one.

Before that, Asus GTX 680 directcu ii top all the way!!!!

#45 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -

I don't know yet.

#46 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2691 posts) -

Depending how E3 pans out, I may or may not just switch to pc gaming.

#47 Posted by Icemo (679 posts) -

Probably nothing since I don't own any of the current gen consoles either. I'm a weirdo with a PC and I'm not bathing in money at the moment.

#48 Posted by Laini (188 posts) -

I hope to get a PS4 and Xbox 1080 Nosegrab but it'll be the Xbox first for me.

#49 Posted by Ekpyroticuniverse (151 posts) -

I will upgrade my PC and buy a PS3 soon as the PS4 is announced, and that is only because i really want to play red dead and last of us

#50 Posted by dagas (3083 posts) -

I'm happy playing on what I have now. I'll buy the new things when there are at least a handful of games I really want that are only availiable on the new stuff.