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Okay, so back during Black Friday, I bought a subscription code for a friend for Christmas. Turns out, he bought it for himself with his Christmas bonus from work. So, I have this code sitting here and I could use to add a year to my own, but I figured what the hell...I'll give it away to someone who doesn't have a subscription yet.

Here's what we're gonna do. The first person to complete the 12 Days of Whiskey quest that then posts a picture of their screen while giving a thumbs up will get the subscription. I don't know when the thing will go live. You'd best be tracking on Twitter (@whiskeymedia).

Here's an example of what you'll need to do (obviously with the whole thing completed)...

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Good luck guys!

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Can I win that thumbs up instead? 

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This will be tough but I'll try. Any chance you just give me the code :-)

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Just to be clear again, the winner can only be someone who doesn't already have a subscription.

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I don't own a camera anymore so i'm out by DQ.

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Huh... so it wasn't just bugging out on me, has no one really completed it yet?

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They're not going to update it at midnight, especially when it isn't midnight where they live.

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@Video_Game_King: It's manually updated?

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Especially for this type of quest, where each quest activates day-to-day.

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I'm in. just go to wait for America time for the last quest. It's pretty fun, I got to come back to quests sometimes. I really hope I win, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get even the monthly going.

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I approve of this contest. *thumbs up*

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Who's it gonna be?

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Dammit. So close. Got to the posting the picture part, and then saw post posted 0 minutes ago. So close. Anyway, congrats duder.

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DANG IT!! I was in the process of posting my picture, but the darn thing took to long. Oh well. Time to go back to coal mining on Steam.

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@ZagZagovich: Congrats duder. I couldn't get a picture up fast enough to beat you and my picture was so blurry it wasn't readable. Stupid PSEye being my only camera.

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Oh no, I was two minutes late. I posted my image thinking I was the one but no luck.


Good job @ZagZagovich, you beat me to the draw.


Any chance there's a runner-up prize? ;-)

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Congrats ZagZagovich. That was pretty close. I'll get the code to you sometime tonight once I get home. And sorry, Masha. I only have the one to give out.

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@Marino: That's OK. Good on you for offering such a lucrative prize in this parts. Happy holidays.

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Huge thanks for a chance to win it, For those 10 hours I've only had DNF on my screen. Glad it payed off.


Would a steam gift be a good consolation prize? We were pretty close and I'd hate to not get anything. I got Limbo, Renegade Ops and Dungeons of Dremour Complete edition. Plus we are giving away a copy of Bastion on our podcast at Nailqube.com that will go up later this week. Contact me on Steam if you want any of these.