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In a deal that was just signed, longtime Silicon Valley exec Shelby Bonnie has sold his social publishing start-up, Whiskey Media, to Santa Monica-based entertainment and interactive production company BermanBraun.

As part of the deal, BermanBraun will get three key sites of San Francisco-based Whiskey, including video entertainment-focused Screened, tech-testing site Tested and Anime Vice, which covers anime and manga comics. It will also acquire Whiskey’s content publishing platform.

Two other sites owned by Whiskey — games-oriented Giant Bomb and comic book database Comic Vine — will be sold to another media company, which is rumored to be CBS Interactive.

Heaped on top of the niche content, aimed at passionate fans, Whiskey mixes in a lot of social networking, as well as user-generated content, along with its professional fare.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

But the major reason for the acquisition is that BermanBraun — which also makes popular sites for large portals such as Microsoft’s MSN (the Wonderwall celebrity site and Glo, aimed at the women’s lifestyle arena) and AOL (upcoming sites on weather, men and pets) — needs to be able to scale its online content production. The Whiskey platform should be able to allow it to more easily grown and create new sites more quickly, as well as mine data across them.

“With the addition of Whiskey’s first rate team and powerful, state of the art publishing, data and social tools platform, we will be able to further enhance our user experience and engagement, and provide our advertising partners with unparalleled data insights,” said Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman, who run BermanBraun, in a statement. “One of the other great parts of this acquisition is that we will have Shelby Bonnie in our lives. We have enormous respect for Shelby personally and professionally, and his insights, relationships and acumen will be invaluable to us.”

Bonnie, who was once CEO of CNET, which he helped found, added: “I have had the pleasure of knowing both Lloyd and Gail for years and they are two incredibly high integrity people who bring passion and creativity to the interactive space. As we see a dramatic changes in the whole media landscape, success will demand new skills and talents. BermanBraun’s content skills and vision joined with the Whiskey platform will create a combination that I believe is without equal. I couldn’t be more excited for the combination.”

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I am not sure how to feel about this.

When will we get the obligatory "Don't worry guys, everything will be fine, and this will mean even more opportunities for us in the future" post?

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Whiskey Media disassembled!


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Trying not to get too overly dramatic until we hear from the guys but everything points to the end of the Whiskey dream. ;(

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Holy shit. I don't want to think bad thoughts right off the bat, but something tells me this pancake breakfast won't be as tasty as I was hoping it to be.

Edit: Actually, it wasn't bad! I'm optimistic about the whole thing now and am glad John Davison will be involved somewhat! Congrats Giant Bomb!

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I can only think of anthony anderson from harold and kumar go to white castle.

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CBS Interactive owns Gamespot.

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CBS Interactive is CNET and Gamespot.

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Sweet, I hope there will be Two and a Half Men ads on this site.

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The best excuse anyone could have given me to get totally sauced on St. Patty's Day.

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@omghisam said:

CBS Interactive is CNET and Gamespot.


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If this is real, then all hope is lost.

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How is this going to affect premium subscribers?

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They are breaking whiskey up, I don't like this at all. and back to CBS???/ How much autonomy will giantbomb get?

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@Claude said:

CBS Interactive owns Gamespot.

Better make a better Dog Days review Jeff

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My biggest concern here is that Dave and his technology are being separated from its primary consumer, Giant Bomb. GB is very dependent on the publishing platform, and I'm not crazy about organizational firewalls being put up between them.

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This is not exciting news.

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Why would somebody buy Anime Vice.

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I don't like where this is going.

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CBS Interactive is CNET and Gamespot.

Oh, god damn it.
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And now it has come full circle.

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Oh wow. I wonder if Jeff and the guys are breaking off again? Hopefully they don't have a non-compete with whiskey or it could be years.

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Are they going to merge the forums with GameFAQs?

The potential horrors are endless.

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Hoping for the best... Though I suppose the Giant Bomb brand has acquired some degree of value, anybody with a brain can see that it's guys running it that actually make it what it is, and that they're central to keeping the site going. A bit of a bummer we're unlikely to see more guest appearances from the other Wiskey sites :(

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So what does this all mean? How much will change? What will stay the same? 

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At least they are not going under guys, thats good news. Going back to CBS might be hard for them but hopefully they are earnest in the live vidoe

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@Claude said:

CBS Interactive owns Gamespot.

Ahahahaha there is no justice in this world.

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@mtcantor said:

How is this going to affect premium subscribers?

Funny enough, the other day I was considering subscribing. Now I'm glad I hesitated.

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Dude it's 2012, this is THE END!!!

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If CBS does buy it - not certain - then the only saving grace is that Jon Davison runs all their games stuff and he knows not to kill off a going concern. Can see a more resources vs. less freedom thing happening though.

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What the hell?

Why are they splitting Screened and Tested from Giantbomb? Liver stream soon hopefully they will talk about this.

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So they bought the failing websites purely for the overlay?

Meh, as long as nothing changes it doesn't really matter. I guess I'll wait to see how this pans out before I renew my subscription.

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@CL60 said:


I'm down.

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Holy shit.

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Will they even be allowed to do stuff with the other sites? I am guessing no.

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What's up with them not doing stuff in the office anymore (and the food)?

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No... Tested and Screened... No awesome basement... Oh god...

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This sounds worrisome. Which side is Dave going to in the split? D:

Edit: Nevermind, Dave is along for the ride.

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This does look bleak =(

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I mean, grats to the guys for making the site this big, but SPLITTING UP WHISKEY MEDIA? WHAT THE FUCK?!

I feel so fucking crushed right now.

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