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Dug that trailer, hope these MachineGames folks can deliver some of that ol' Starbreeze magic.

#52 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2295 posts) -

The fact that this will be solely single player and is being developed by the founders of Starbreeze responsible for games like Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness only has be hyped for this game, hopefully gameplay can be shown this coming E3.

#53 Posted by budgietheii (187 posts) -

Seeing all these games coming out for PS3/360 and not WiiU is going to get real depressing real fast.

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The game will probablay be rot, but that trailer is pretty darn cool if only for that fakeout.

They won't, but if they did a really awesome "what would the sixties have been like if the nazi's hadn't been defeated" kind of thing, and if focused a lot on the cultural aspects like the music and whatnot, that would be AWESOME.