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#51 Posted by Rowr (5824 posts) -

Lets be honest these are both going to be cannabilised by GTA 5. That other small open world game, the one that doesn't release annually and usually throws the industry into disarray after release.

#52 Posted by Fredchuckdave (6448 posts) -

No? They might have similar control schemes but the settings are way different aside from the occasional voyage into the real world in the AC universe. For me the appeal of AC apart from the exceptional multiplayer is the historical setting.

#53 Posted by benpicko (2008 posts) -

Getting both and for different reasons so I don't think so

#54 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (450 posts) -

Watch Dogs is gonna be the new Assassin's Creed just the same as Assassin's Creed was the new Prince of Persia. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last assassin's creed game.

#55 Edited by ninnanuam (289 posts) -

I am planning on getting both, actually they are the only games I'm planning on day one next gen.

I still think ubisoft should have spun the ship/pirate stuff along with the levelling system in brotherhood and ac3 for the crew of the ship instead of assassins off into its own franchise a la far cry/blood dragon.

I'd be far more willing to throw money at a product that didn't contain Desmond, or any of the ac story shit, I mean seriously ac is stupid as fuck.

#56 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (3303 posts) -

I love old naval ships! One of my favorite series of books are the Patrick O'Brian series of Napoleonic age Aubrey–Maturin nautical historical novels. They are very historically accurate, funny, and great adventures too.

I wish the Ubisoft Assassins Creed engine could be used to recreate those books. But in the meantime we have this game which will have to do.

On the other hand, if you like what you see in this game read "Master and Commander", not the novelization of the movie, but the original book. Or, better yet get your hands on the audiobook which is excellent and has all the voices in various English, Irish and Scottish accents.