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So I played through Cosmology of Kyoto earlier this week. It was a first-person perspective game like Myst, except with a horror/eerie atmosphere.

Can you guys think of anything to recommend?

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I've never even heard of it.

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It's an extremely rare game too DarthMaul. It was kind of a flop in Japan, and did slightly better here in the USA, but was too expensive for most people to be interested. Roger Ebert reviewed it and thought it was great. Creepy as all hell, first person perspective with tons of creepy encounters. But if you guys can think of anything to recommend, perhaps older lesser known horror games or something, I'd be much ablidged.

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Erm, horror adventure.. maybe The Awakened. Based off the Cthulhu mythos, though I don't know if I'd call it really scary sense you can't really die or anything. Meh, dunno.

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Shivers is like this I guess, it's first person, RPG like Myst and is eerie/terror. It's just very old, I have no idea if it can run on computers nowadays and I don't know if Scumm works with it.
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Oh yeah, there's also Darkfall. Also Penumbra which is pretty frightening and you are actually able to die.

Edit: Darkfall link removed because the game I'm talking about isn't in the Database.

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Old games are fine zitosilva, I have a virtual machine running with Windows 98SE.

Dark Fall sounds interesting... there's very little information available on it though. Penumbra I've played a bit, and damn that's scary.

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I've also played Penumbra. That games is scary as shit.