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When I was younger, probably around 9 years old, I was playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It took me weeks to get through, did not use any sort of guide/FAQ or anything, it was feeling great. I finally unlock Ganon's Castle, getting that awesome light bridge up to the entrance. But it was right at my bed time, so, I save, and get ready for tomorrow to be fucking epic when I finally defeat that evil bastard. All day at school I was thinking about it, wondering what would be inside, just generally getting super pumped. I straight up run home, burst through the door, and see my little brother playing the game. All good, I tell him what I am going to do today(kick Ganon's ass), and he also gets excited and lets me play. So far, great. I reset the game, get to the main menu....My save is gone. My little brother had made a new game over my save. I lost my shit, I was so angry, did the whole "YOU CAN NEVER PLAY MY GAMES AGAIN" thing, screamed, tried to explain to my parents why I was so upset, but of course they did not get it all. Just kept saying "Why don't you just do it again?" But that was not the point! I totally dropped the game for a few years, eventually did beat it, but I always had that bittersweet feeling. This has led to me being paranoid about saves, ever since then I always use at least 2 save slots, usually more.

Do you guys have any terrible video game memories like this? I don't really mean just a bad video game that you played, more of a terrible memory associated with a game. Of course, it COULD also be a bad game, just not only because it is a bad game. Looking forward to hearing your sad stories!

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getting an atari jaguar. i knew with in about 30 mins it was utter shite and it was.

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I went 0-26 in Black Ops II the other week. Sucked.

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Begging my parents for a 3DO, getting one, realizing it was dogshit.

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Bubsy for the Snes.

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Buying alone in the dark.

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Buying Infernal for the PC with limited money at the time and realizing in the first 30 minutes what utter trash the game was. I was deeply angry at myself that afternoon.

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My newly purchased Playstation 2 breaking in the mail, and the United States Postal Service refusing to pay the insurance I had purchased for it because.... I couldn't prove it wasn't broken when I shipped it.

I shit you not.

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Mass Effect 3!, enough said!

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3D Dot Game Heroes Dash Circuit - Monaco Circuit. OMMFG RAGE! I freaked out my wife, my cats... Then when I finally did it, just felt remorse for being such an idiot.

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I lost $5 or $10 in a Super Smash Bros. Brawl money match.

I was sad.

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Buying a Wii. lol I am kidding.

The one that comes to mind is losing 4 100 level characters in Phantasy Star Online on Sega Dreamcast due to Mem Card(Nyko Mega Memory Card, it had a switch on it or something.) corruption, never played it again on that console.

Beating Ghost n Goblin's as a kid and being told to go through it again, I never played Ghost n Goblins again, even til this day.

Fighting Mother Brain in Metroid only to have my NES take a dump all over my face aka blinking red power light.

Getting all the way to Wart in Super Mario Bros 2 and again! Red Blinking Light! I did fire it back up minutes later though, but still, NES was fucked.

Renting Sonic The Hedgehog 2 only to have it be a copy of Greendog, label switching fuckers. So my mom bought Sonic 2 for my 6th grade graduation present. Awesome stuff.

Speaking of renting, renting Lester The Unlikely, holy crap is that a terrible game.

This generation? Eeeeeeeeh..... I was disappointed to find out The Simpsons Game 2 was cancelled, the first one was so well done, and with the Family Guy game being a complete shit pile, it's even more painful.

Also, that there will be no WWE All Stars follow up, that game is awesome.

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Getting so pissed on the SC2 ladder that I just joined and quit games instantly maybe 10 times in a row. Yeah, adrenaline and anger will do that to you. For the longest time Tilt was a major problem for me in Starcraft, thankfully I've gotten over it for the most part.

But yeah, just thinking about it and all of the stuff I'd say to my opponents makes me fucking embarrassed. That game can bring the worst out in you.

Another memory I hate is being on the last stage in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and losing/getting my gameboy SP stolen. (This was in High School). Good thing is I'm incredibly cautious about not losing my stuff now. Still, the combination of losing my SP (which was awesome) and also not being able to finish up FFTA (which was a fairly difficult game) sucked.

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I was about 5 or 6 years old, playing Ocarina of Time, and got to the part where you have to follow a ghost through a desert using the Lens of Truth to see the ghost. Right at the beginning of that section, the Lens of Truth got replaced by a bottle.

Maybe it was due to a common glitch, maybe it was because I accidentally dropped that game in pee once. Who knows. I was fucking frustrated, and remember that moment vividly.

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I had an atomic purple Gameboy color and Pokemon Red that I lost when I was seven. That sucked so hard. Then my brother eventually gave me his green Gameboy color, and was lucky enough to find a copy of Pokemon Yellow at gamestop for 5 dollars in 2004, it was stolen from my locker in seventh grade.

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when Binary Domain keep freezing on me on chatper 3 or 4.

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Losing all data stored on my Gamecube memory card.

Goodbye around 100 hours of game play.

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My older brother (by 10 years) thinking I broke his Playstation controller and basically threatening me, turned out it was his fucking fault, never got an apology.

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OH! also having my brother take my ps2 one day and then "losing it" when he went on a trip to Toronto.

Also me losing my DS on a plane: spent around 300 hours on Pokemon Pearl and around 300 other hours on the other games.

*sigh* my life sucks.

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Dying about 10 hours into Final Fantasy 7, had to wait to christmas to get a memory card, so just tried to see how far I could get. Made it a stressful grindy game.

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Motorstorm Pacific Rift online maybe. If you do poorly in a race you can lose ranks. I had maybe spend 3 hours getting the last 25% to rank up from silver rank 4 to gold rank 4. I'd get a platinum trophy and bronze rank 5. In 3 races over the span of 10 minutes I had two 11th place finishes and a 9th place, sending me down to bronze rank 4. A whole weekends worth of progress down the drain because I was taken out by a couple low ranking racers and rear ended upon respawn. I love that game but man could it be punishing. It's the only game that I have broken controllers playing and I have done it multiple times. Even Dark Souls wasn't as frustrating.

Another time, my girlfriend was playing FFXII on my PS2. I didn't have an entertainment center or anything so it was just sitting on an old end table that wasn't in use. It has only three legs. My girlfriends cat stepped on it and it tipped over, sending my PS2 crashing to the ground. I spent a couple hours trying to fix it or at least get the disc out. When it was finally fixed the colours were faded and pastel.

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I bought this motherfucking piece of shit PS one mega memory card that had like 10 memory cards in it that you could switch between with a button press. Oh and surprise, it broke with a lot of saves on it. Last stupid third party memory card I would ever trust. I know other people will have the same story, maybe they know the model. A lot of us got burned on those stupid things.

In recent memory, deleting my Assassins Creed III save about 15 hours in with a single accidental button press of 'X" instead of "A" on the continue game menu has to be up there for me all time. The fucking game doesn't even have a "are you sure?" prompt and it's what, 40 hours or so long? Are they fucking serious?

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Prototype last boss (on Hard difficulty) springs to mind as the most recent. WHY THE FUCK DID I FEEL THE NEED FOR CHALLENGE :'(

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Working some 40 hours on a game in the first RPG Maker for the Playstation, and having the third party memory card I saved it on die.

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Losing my fat PS3, with all the saves and over 100 hours invested in Skyrim.

Buying one of those 1000 games for (what at the time was) a shit-ton of money and realizing it had 10 games repeated 100 times with different modifiers...

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@konig_kei said:

Buying alone in the dark.

I think that sums up mine too.

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Being drunk and playing Echo the dolphin getting a bit seasick and throwing my guts up ! still not keen on underwater stuff ha ha

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I never completed the original Black Ops since I got into a bitter fight with my girlfriend the first time I played it. After that I couldn't boot that game up without thinking of that night, so I sold it. I tried to get into the multiplayer with a friend last spring, but couldn't shake the bad memories.

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My PS3 dying 30, possibly 40 hours into Yakuza 3. I don't think I will ever see the conclusion of that game now.

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Falling in the pool with my Pokemon Silver cartridge in my pocket. I lost so many lvl 100s plus legendaries transferred from Blue. As for recent ones....Mass Effect 3.

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Purchasing Freak Out (Otherwise known as Stretch Panic in the US) for the PlayStation2 on the blind assumption that it would be good because it was a Treasure game.

It was no good.

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  • Trying to fix some nightmare clusterfuck of SecuRom/multiple EA Online logins after my Battlefield 2142 install suddenly stopped working.
  • Trying to get an online Red Alert 3 match to work consistently
  • Renting 8-Eyes for the NES after building up how great it would be from reading guidebooks
  • Listening to untold hours of people talking about/playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero when those games were popular
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my gamecube memory card has corrupted saves. i lost a bunch of saves with some games that i liked.

i remember wanting a sega dreamcast when it came out. a friend of mine had one. all the time when i came home i would ask my parents for one. i'm happy they didn't get me one as sega stopped supporting it.

another one is getting a godzilla game. i got a godzilla game for the super nintendo. i was excited for a great game to find out it wasn't what i was expecting.

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Dragon Warrior IV on the nes. I was loving the game and had gotten to the last chapter. Then, one saturday morning i turn it on to finish it, and this HORRIBLE music starts playing and the text is game over red with the message "We regret to inform you that your save data has been lost."(or something to that effect). Not only was this startling (and a bit haunting to be quite honest) to me, it meant ALL my hard work from countless weekends had just bit the dust.

I still get chills when thinking about that screen.

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@natedawg_kz said:

Mass Effect 3!, enough said!

I agree! Fucking Mass Effect 3!

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When some of my SEGA Genesis games broke was pretty awful. The Adventures of Batman and Robin was one of my favorites and it just stopped working for whatever reason. Also, Lion King and a couple others broke.

Then I would have to say when my Starcraft 2 stopped working because the patch wouldn't donwload correctly. I reinstalled the game, but like an idiot forgot to save all my multiplayer replays and they all got deleted. It would have been fun to look back on how shitty I played when the game came out.

The Walking Dead wouldn't read my save games after the second episode. I eventually fixed it but it was just like 2 weeks ago so I had to wait a long time to play the third episode.

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Being unable to carry over my carefully crafted Mass Effect Shepard from 1 all the way to 3. That issue with 3 really was an insta-sour on that game. It was just going on without "my" Shep, warts and all. See, I thought I made the prettiest lady in 1, then from the side I realized (after my husband pointed it out) that she had a nose that looked like a frying pan flattened it. Still, mine and I wanted her to carry over even with her messed up nose. I got over it after a little pout session and remade her as close to the original as I could.

Another one was my mom or dad throwing out all of my handwritten level codes for Star Wars: Dark Forces on the PSone. I never got as far as I did after that point. I was so disappointed.

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When I was 15 I got my first job and the very first thing I bought was an N64, I had wanted one for what seemed like years, in a moment of error I decided I no longer needed my SNES thinking I had moved on to the next generation and would never want to play it ever again. I promptly handed it down (along with the 12 games I had bought for it) to my younger brother and sister thinking it was in safe hands, a few years later nostalgia hits me and I decide I want to play all those awesome games I had so I asked them where it was and found they had pawned it about 3 months after I had given it to them. I am still angry about it.

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the original NES Spelunker

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Playing Fatal Frame

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Cyborg Justice.

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Probably when I misplaced my PS2 memory card. I still have yet to beat Dragon Quest 8 and several other games because of that.

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My single worst video game related memory does not specifically involve game play.

Years ago...My long term relationship ended. She was not pleased with how easily I took the break up (for reasons that are inappropriate for this forum). Well, I came home, with the new Fable game in my hand, to find my Xbox and all my games missing. Apparently she took it to make my life worse. I left that apartment and when I confronted her, to get it back, she said she gave it to the other men and they sold it for drugs (non-prescription type).

To this day i have a bit of a bad taste for Xbox because of this. It's kinda funny, I was angrier at the Xbox stealing then I was about her life choices.

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Going to the local games shop to buy Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive and for some reason deciding against that and buying Taz-Mania instead. I tried to convince myself for so long it wasn't that bad but I knew in my heart of hearts that I had just wasted my birthday money.

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Probably when I lost my Gamecube memory, I really didn't want to go back to Smash Bros. Melee to unlock everything again as well as restart games like Mario Sunshine and F-Zero GX.

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Cant think of anything but RE6 right now

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Maybe 10 years old when i sold my remote control car to buy earthworm jim for the snes.

I tried so hard to see the good in it, but i could never get past the glass submarine part. Always crashed and cracked that glass. Stupid child fingers.

I want my remote control car back.

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I don't remember that many bad memories. The worst one I can remember trying to do a quest in WOW back in the day and this guy ganking me for literally an hour. I got soooooo mad and posted in the WOW forums for someone to gank the shit out of him. Someone eventually posted that they ganked him while he was afk. The first few posts though were like "[insert character name] for president!" "I love [insert character name], he is my hero".

My most recent bad gaming memory though was finding out that Jack only shows up alive in MS3 if you have a save where you romanced her. I did romance her and she was my favourite person in MS2 but I don't have the save anymore. I looked up a MS2 savefile editor but it didn't have a romance option for Jack. I have to go into the code or something and type something out and I couldn't figure it out. So...I'm just going to play MS2 again someday. I watched all the dialogue etc on youtube as well and it only adds up to 9min for. the. whole. game...so yeah. I feel kind of cheated on that one. She's even in some crappy side mission too that you can easily miss. I would have liked if they had taken out stupid ass Jacob and put Jack in his place. Or even take out stupid remodled Ashley. Damn you Mass Effect 3!

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When I got a gameover in Persona 3, went to load up my save and keep playing, and saw that it wasn't there. Oh, and that time my brother released my shiny Aggron.