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I loved the Anamanaguchi song! Thanks for including it, been listening to it all week!

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@KaneRobot said:

@algertman said:

Polygon is everything that is wrong with the gaming press.

You spelled Kotaku wrong.

Well, Polygon definitely has some Kotaku-like stories, but atleast they also have the big quality pieces.

Sadly, Gorogoa didn't do much for me. Too much hunting for the click and unclear mechanics. Pretty much the opposite of what I like in games.

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working beard door is now my life goal

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That's a really good let's play. Playing a game like Dark Souls with vent buddies is the best. It's like dorm gaming without the nasty logistics.

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@rentfn said:

@SlashDance: How far did you get in the game?? Does it tell you when the demo is over?? Or am I just stuck??

Yeah, you get a "to be continued".

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What's with the Dark Souls video? Yeah okay they're playing through New Londo Ruins. Big whoop.

Also, Charles Barkley is like a sports anchor dude with TNT and that's seriously the only sports-related thing I actually enjoy watching because he and the other dudes just get up to random shenanigans all the time. Almost the TV Giant Bomb of sports.

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I don't know what this is but I like it.

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@Alex_Carrillo said:

That Anamanguchi shit. What a loathsome, unremarkable assault to my ears.

Chiptunes, man.

Yeah, the only songs I like from Anamanaguchi is Blackout City and this remixed version of Airbrushed that I heard from the LBP Karting quick look. I like the remixed version because they don't overdo on the chiptune stuff.

Loading Video...

Chiptunes are a genre of music that can too easily turn into just bad static and noise. I rarely find songs that are listenable that don't give me a headache.

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@ahaisthisourchance: Wow...for some reason that song was giving me flashbacks to this song.

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@Butano: I wonder if the Mike Jones working for them on that project is the same Mike Jones who used to make some really spectacular courses for the golf game Links 2003.


The style seems kinda similar.

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A good game is a good game, but I for one really LIKE the Planescape setting and haven't seen it used for more than a decade.

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@FoolInjection: It is, actually. He's the creative director for the game and he talks about the tools in their Kickstarter video, as well as his previous expierence with Links

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Thanks, Patrick.

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Hey a good friend of mine did animation work for that Anamanaguchi video! :D His website: argylebox.com

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@Cross: So grammar considerations are unimportant in a fictional enterprise, presumably just because it's never been done before?

Interesting. I, for one, like my novels to be well-written, and I hope she hires an editor if this pans out.

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Sometimes the Space Jam Soundtrack comes up, and I dont even change it... Just sayin

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@MiniPato said:
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Because the comments section here is now a collation of Slam remixes.

I've listened to that one so many times. It is easily among the best. I have no idea what it is from but it is still amazing.
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Glad it's actually a sequel to "Torment" and not "Planescape." Planescape's still the best story-driven experience I've had to this day.

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Your description of Barkley shut up and jam was the highlight of this weeks bombcast.

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Hi--I'm the creator of the gay dating sim, "Coming Out On Top". One of my Kickstarter backers alerted me to this post. Thanks for the interest, guys! I never expected a shout out from any of the big gaming sites, so getting a mention on giantbomb is a huge deal for me!

Just a note--to the person concerned about my grammar in my Kickstarter promo page, you're right--that sentence could have been worded differently. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I was overly eager to get my Kickstarter page up and running after working on the demo for several bleary-eyed, sleepless months! I just want to say, people are pretty thrilled with the content in the actual demo though (it's fairly long, for a demo, btw)--and most of them are surprised at how much they adore the story, writing, and the characters. Thanks for your feedback!

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Anamanaguchi apparently live in another dimension.

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"In fact, that has to be a factor, but with our game of the year discussions, it always a necessary part of the job."

There's a word missing in that last clause.

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I love watching weird character builds lps of Dark Souls.

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Pretty fantastic read, man. :D

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An active subreddit entirely devoted to space jam remixes.

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so many videos!

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Patrick Klepek, Mentioning Vince Carter with those other names is a stretch... his first season was, the lockout shortened one, in 1999. So, Carter was way more of a name in the 2000's.

Reggie Miller, Malone, Shaq, D. Robinson, Rodman, Drexler? Pretty much any name from The Dream Team could be inserted. Except that idiot John Stockton.

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Now i wanna play Dark Souls again :s that whip was doing more damage than i thought it'd do.....

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It's probably been mentioned, but seeing a zentraedi battlepod from Robotech in that Half-life demo was really weird.

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@Shaanyboi: funny vid, and great read patrick! thx dude, loved the beard video, that was awesome :D

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Oh my god, Geop's Lets Play got a cameo!

Fuck yeah!

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Damn, Tim Rogers is such a weird guy. He really likes Spartan Total Warrior a lot huh. But then again there are also people who love Donkey Kong 64. Though Steambot Chronicles and Jak II are pretty fucking awesome, I'll give him that.

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lot of videos :))

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That subtitle sounds like Zero Cool. lol  "Mess with the best, die like the rest."