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@mrfluke A Japanese comedian, Shinya Arino, attempts to finish various video games or fulfill different challenges related to that game. There are also segments where he visits old arcades, talks about classic video game consoles, and other vg comedy bits they've tried over the years. The first show aired in 2003 and he's still at it!

Almost forgot, there's even a DS game based on the show, Retro Game Challenge.

Quite good, unfortunately the sequel never got localized.

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nailed it!

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NO, dumping audio interviews does not sound good at all, I would much rather have articles. It is MUCH easier to scan articles for the gist if I'm pressed for time, while I can't really do anything similar with audio files. Jumping around in an audio file just makes things disconnected and there's a high potential to miss details.

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I clicked on the link criticising Cliffy B's argument over micro transactions as I knew there were points he didn't bring back and I like reading discussion on this type of topic. But man whoever wrote that piece for Wired was an asshole. What a childish response. Why did you even link to it? I was actually interested in opinions on why the cost of games should be lower (there are quite a few interesting angles to take on it - especially with free-to-play games) but that didn't even mention any of them. Disappointed.

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Game Center CX is the best. Abunai y'all.

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@happymeowmeow: oh yea? retro grade challenge was based on that show? huh, is there a english dub of the show? (yes im one of those people :P)

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Wave does not seem that hard.

First tries:



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<p>Yeah, I don't want to sound like I should be the arbiter for quality or anything, but that Wired article was unintelligent. I don't understand what Patrick saw in it.</p>

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Thanks for the recommendation for the Brain Gamer podcasts!

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Even for you that Iron Man quote is a pull

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@mrfluke said:

@happymeowmeow: oh yea? retro grade challenge was based on that show? huh, is there a english dub of the show? (yes im one of those people :P)

Kotaku had some episodes dubbed in english(game sessions only) and had them on their site, the videos are pulled from their site now, but possibly a google search could dig em up. I noticed that there is also a dvd with their english dubs for sale.

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@joshs: THIS is really cool.

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@dsale: Thanks :) It isn't quite done, but it's getting there.

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@joshs: looks neat! how long did that take?

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Clicking that Gamecenter CX video is going to end up costing me countless hours of my life. No idea how I hadn't heard of this until now.

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@ogred: A couple hours. I am now working on shading it, and that's taken another hour or so. Very fun!

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Hey, I live in Austin!

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Hello there, Game Center CX.

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@patrickklepek Sorry for the past post Patrick, I linked the wrong URL by accident.

Here is the actual article I'm suggesting for the next worth reading. In all seriousness, it's a very touching article about one fan's visit to the Creative Assembly to test the new TW game and how this fan will be remembered by the developers after some unfortunate news.

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Oh crap I remember the Kern Type game, I played it once for a Typography unit I took last year.

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Really looking forward to the Brainy Gamer Podcasts.

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Amazing as usual!

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Next time I see "Worth Reading (Article)," I'll know it's not worth reading.

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Why is there a section talking specifically about women in games? Where's the section about men?

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I like what Kojima tries to do but he doesn't pull it off. He explains he wants to mislead people because otherwise, they get exactly what they expect, which is no fun.

But everyone expected The Phantom Pain was MGS5. He didn't do a good job covering it up. There was almost no confusion on the matter.

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I'm glad your including videos/articles about women in gaming Patrick, because it needs to be talked about so it can be fixed.