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@bacongames: Thanks for articulating how I feel about Max's Twitter reaction. He was coming from the right place, but being so hyper-aggressive in his communication isn't going to do anything. If someone on Twitter acted the same way towards him, I bet he would dig in his heels too, because like you said, fuck that guy.

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I am more than down with Cliffy B being a grumpy old man.

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Reading Danny Bilson's thoughts on THQ's lost projects is perhaps a bit of closure for me as far as Dark Millennium Online is concerned. As big a fan as I am of 40k, I would never have played a subscription-based MMO of it, and it was smart that they were watching The Old Republic to see how that played out (relatively poorly). They were entirely right to abandon that iteration, but that "Inquisitor" redesign sounded promising, particularly where customization is concerned.

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@patrickklepek said:

I take my job seriously. I don't always get it right, but do my best to acknowledge when I get it wrong.

I thought this was going to be about the Pete Dodd thing.

but yeah I feel bad for the Threes creators.

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Facebook bought Oculus. Uggh.

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@hour_glass: The question we responded to had nothing to do with Threes. Chill out.

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@fartlord said:

This is horrible lmao

Can you be more specific?

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Cliffy B makin a total fool of himself these days. Is it so hard to understand Notch having a sense of idealism, even if it may be a tiny scrap? Is it so hard to understand that people liked Occulus partly because it wasn't a big corporate thing, but it felt grass roots and we all could be a part of it? Part of me hopes it flops. The part of me that feels that way is the part of me from my teens that drank milwaukee's best and broke windows and listened to Fugazi and wishes people didn't always follow the money but follow their dream even if it's a harder road to hoe. That money is going to make it lazy, complacent, and utterly forgettable.

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I bought threes, threes is great. But what you're talking about isn't unlike people who rant at Call of Duty players for never having tried Quake or Medal of Honor. Iteration happens, and on IOS that iteration is all too easy. The three's maker should have been prepared for this. I don't know if "I don't even own a TV!" guy is the person who should tell us what's important either.

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@mikemcn said:

The three's maker should have been prepared for this.

How would they have known that their game would be popular enough to warrant such preparations?

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I don't want to dislike Max Temkin, but somehow I keep being confronted with his inane hypocritical ranting. I'm sure he's a nice guy, and he seems genuine in his way form the little I've seen on this site, but man, it just makes me sad that we're in a place now where unfounded rage becomes something worth reading.

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@amyggen: On one hand, the mainstream journalist omitted a fact, but the rest of his column was correct with the facts he had at hand. On the other hand, some game journalists aren't presenting facts when they falsely claim things about developers. So you are correct, it is about fact checking.

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@hailinel said:

@nickreed24 said:
@daneian said:

Isn't Cards Against Humanity just a derivative clone of Apples to Apples?

I'd say so. I still like CAH but that's how I always describe it to people who have never heard of it.

Yeah, that's pretty much how I've described it as well. The premise behind CAH isn't new or innovative in any way. It has the reputation and fanbase that it does because it's loaded with crass absurdity. I mean, I enjoy the game as well, but mechanically, it's not an original concept.

Weren't most of Max's complaints because Three's wasn't given credit in those articles and not that Three's was cloned? If it's the former, most of the articles I've read in the past about CAH has mentioned Apples to Apples. If it's the latter, yes, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Either way, he went about this the wrong way and came off like a bully.

I generally like Max, but lately he's been a bit unbearable.

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Pretty pumped to see a video from JWhittz in the article this week! Gotta catch em' all!!!

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I'm so glad you mentioned Sup Holmes!!! That show is one of the best on the web I hope it can continue to be bigger and better.

Yeah, the Threes rip offs are sad...it sucks because Threes is a brilliant game that deserved its time to shine and it is getting covered in the mud of lame rip-offs.

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@generic_username: More, and more I find myself trying to avoid the comment section. I thought GB would draw less of it, but I'm consistently proven wrong.

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@joshwent: How can someone be both genuine and hypocritical?

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@vuud said:

How can someone be both genuine and hypocritical?

Quite easily, I'm sure. To be hypocritical, you really have to be genuine about what you're saying. It's just that you're blind to the fact that something you're criticising another of is something you are also doing or have done yourself.