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I posted a link/thread for my twitch page and bumped it when I'm streaming? I'm trying to get a little attention but I'm not sure how to advertise without being a dick like a lot of people on youtube and twitch going around commenting "YO CHECK OUT DIS HAWT VID ON MY YOUTUBE PAGE!" you know?

How should I go about this?

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i think that may be against the rules

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How should I go about this?

Build up a repertoire on the site, and THEN become a hollow shill.

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Send me a PM with your stream and I'll check it out, comrade.

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@bishop113: You should check the forum rules.

This does sound against the rules, but maybe there's a way you could still promote your stream a little bit. Maybe setup a blog on the site where you mention when you go live? I don't know.

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It's against the site's rules to simply advertise your latest Twitch stream.

Now if you want to, say, do your Twitch stream, and then take something from that Twitch stream and turn it into a blog post with some real discussion value, that might get some people interested, and link your Twitch channel at the bottom of your blog post. That way, you're advertising that you've got content, and you're putting a worthwhile thread onto these forums. And some people might start keeping up with your streams, if you're producing good content.

Oh, and thanks for asking. We sometimes do get fellows who hop onto these forums just to say "come watch my Youtube channel/Twitch stream!"

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Use your blog and 'About Me' for shameless self-promotion, I think advertising via the forum would be classed as spam.

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Thanks for asking and not just doing it like most people. If you take a look in the forum rules, I think it's pretty clear that promotional posts like that are in violation.

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Thanks guys, I know it sucks when people come in just to advertise, I constantly get PM's on youtube from random people asking me to come view their page and boy is it the most desperate and annoying thing and I didn't want to come across like that.

I like your idea Believer, after playing Eternal Darkness I remembered how awesome horror games used to be so maybe I'll start with that!

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I would totally watch a new twitch. I would just need to bookmark it, so maybe. A good idea is to have twitter so you can keep people informed that way as well.

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Thanks for the tip Blu, I'm putting my information on my profile and maybe now I'll have a good reason to use twitter besides bothering Will Smith.

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@bishop113: You'd be 100x better off just networking on twitch. Ask if you can link your channel in other people's chat (at the end of casts or during a break, for example.) Watch other people's casts and participate in their chat and hopefully they'll reciprocate. You'll gain more viewers from a raid than from pimping your channel outside of twitch, at least early on.