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Just wondering if this would be to odd... Was basically at the checkout page but i dont know the address. I just feel like i want to do something.

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Honestly, if i lost a friend or family member and strangers started sending me flowers and shit, i'd be creeped out.

Good intention i understand, but too much "trying to comfort" "trying to do something" can be overwhelming, especially if they're trying to distract themselves or something.

Give them space.

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I think its a great idea dude.

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We got a few flowers from various people, and it's kind of nice. But at the same time, we're a bunch of dudes! We're pretty bad at maintaining flowers, so maybe save your money for the moment until we figure out what kind of charity works best. But we appreciate the thought.

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Alright, thanks for the response, I'll wait then to see what you guys come up with then.

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@rorie: but what if the bouquet was made of CANDY flowers? Eh....eh....yeeeaaaaah.

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I thought of that also but a more meaningful gesture might be some sort of charity donation like @rorie said.

Flowers will be dead in a week while a donation could help someone... Or plant a tree or some flowers... I dunno. Tho candy flowers sound delicious @pulledabrad!

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Somebody has set up a way to donate to Child's Play in Ryan's name. That would probably be a better use of your money. I think Gary Whitta tweeted about it, if you want to find the link.

EDIT: Here it is. I think it may have been set up by some random duder, but Whitta retweeted it.

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@sanity said:

Just wondering if this would be to odd... Was basically at the checkout page but i dont know the address. I just feel like i want to do something.

I think gameinformer or some other site was sending flowers as well and they liked it. As long you will send it to the office it should be totally fine. Maybe if everyone would do it than it would be too much but a few would be not bad.

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Yea, i guess for right now i'll wait a few days to see what the guys have planned, if nothing comes up i'll get in on that child's play one though. Times like this i wish i was a better writer or artist as i love seeing all the stuff other users make and i want to give back in someway too so im just looking for a way to do anything i suppose. Thanks guys.

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Send Bourbon.

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@hunkulese said:

Send Bourbon.

I actually decided to do this, i'll still get in on the t-shirt thing but after the Bourbon talk on the podcast it seemed appropriate. I had to put a recipient phone number down so i used the number listed for headquarters on the CBS interactive site... i hope thats ok. Its not much but i really wanted to give back something and it was eating at me like all hell. This site has been my escape from life so long its odd to come here and feel sad instead of happy, but the guys have cheered me up so many times i had to give just a little back.