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I would be hesitant to even spend the $8 to RENT something like that. What is wrong with you people?

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It'd have to be a pretty fucking great game to get full price for 4 hours.

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any chance we're referencing kane and lynch 2 here? for that four hour campaign, absolutely not. if reach's campaign was only 4 hours. then yes, absolutely, and i'll love every moment of it

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Are there upgrades to get?  More difficulties?  Awesome Unlockables?  Multiplayer?
It all depends on the re-playability.

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It kind of depends. If it is a 4 hour experience that is a solid 5 star experience all the way through then yes.  I would rather play a game that left me wanting more instead of game I get tired of before I am finished.

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Oh boy, this again.
Edit: Yeah, probably should have linked to the myriad of Limbo threads about this. I forgot those were on a game-specific board.

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Maybe - If it has multiplayer then sure, and if the single player has replayability like different endings or paths then absoluteley, but not for a straight out single player game.

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Damn, you guys are MADE. 
That must explain the current trend/health of the games industry. 
Edit: Casual and Motion control gaming, here we come.

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Sorry, I can get plenty of entrainment from tf2 or fucking minecraft for gods sake. I don't care how good it is, I would never pay 60 dollars for a game that you can play in one sitting.

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Well, I don't pay $60 for games as is, I wait until they're $30 or lower usually. But let's theoretically say that prices are fixed & will stay at $60 regardless if it's old or not. Would I pay? 
 Maybe. Depends on the game. If the 4 hours is immensely enjoyable (less filler, more killer so to speak), then I'll pay the price. If not, I won't.  
I keep coming back to this, but Max Payne 2, my favorite game, is maybe 5 or 6 hours long max even if you don't know what you're doing. But that's a near-perfect game that doesn't let up and just gave me more enjoyment for those 5 hours than most games do in 20 or 30. I would've gladly paid $60 for that experience.

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No.  Under no circumstance.  If the game has AMAZING gameplay and concepts, then they can spend more time lengthening the game.  There is no way that you'll get sick of anything that's done well in only 4 hours.

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No. Seeing as I pay that much for a new game, it better have some good quality and quantity.  Many games achieve this balance, and I see no reason why a developer should even attempt at a short game experience.  Some do it because they want it to be cinematic yet interactive, but that generally does not translate into a game with much choice as far as my experience with short games goes.  I always want more content per dollar so long as the said content has a certain level of acceptable quality.

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@KillerBears said:
" Oh boy, this again. "
What do you mean? Please explain.
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Regardless of quality or length, I never have the money to buy anything full-price, so hell no. I will say this though; Quality to me always trumps Quantity, but the publisher needs to keep track of how much of either there is, and charge accordingly.

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I already did, it's called Gears of War.

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If it was the greatest game ever packed into 4 hours, I'd pay for it. 
Call of Duty 4's single player only lasted roughly 6 hours, yet it was one of the best FPS single player experience I've ever played.

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It'd have to be at least 10 times better than Kane and Lynch 2

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I don't buy games as it is so when I do I'll definitely won't buy it if it's only 4 hours, and I barely play online so that's not really a factor for me.

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No. Seeming that I go for games solely because of their story, I won't pay $60 for a 4 hour experience. Not even if it had multiplayer because I'm not great in multiplayer games so I wouldn't spend my money on it.

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will have to depend on how 'fun' it is to get the achievements.

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No, unless it has some form of replayability that will keep me interested, like multiplayer. 

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Brevity is the soul of wit, right? Who knows? Maybe if someone gave a four hour time limit to Ueda or Suda 51 our minds would blow into the stratosphere.

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No. If I know its four hours then i'll rent it and beat it. If I was a pharmacist then I wouldn't give a shit in the first place on what I buy. 

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The price didn't stop me from purchasing Modern Warfare 2 and that only lasted me about 4 hours. I've bought a lot of games at full price that were never completed or were immediately put in to closet.
So if I'm being perfectly honest  I have and I will many many times in the future if, and only if, I want the game in the first place.

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Would probably take me more than 4 hours to beat a "4 hour" game, anyway...

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Is it an enjoyable 4 hours that I'd want to revisit again and again? 
Other challenges to endure? Multiplayer to sift through? Higher difficulties? Co-op? Branching story? Multiple Endings? 

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If the game is awesome enough, although I would rent it first.

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Depends on the game really. I would have been willing to pay $60 for Portal if it had come out at that price.

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If it gave me a continuous orgasm through the whole thing, YES. Otherwise, NO.

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I have though, I bought that piece of shit ODST. What a ripoff.

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Quality > Quantity. But I wouldn't pay that much for a game anyway =/

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@altbotdos said:
" @KillerBears said:
" Oh boy, this again. "
What do you mean? Please explain. "
I'm pretty sure he's talking about the same type of debate we had with Limbo.  Check out the thread here.
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I wouldn't pay 60 dollars for any game. 

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Well I bought Modern Warfare 2, didn't I?

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@Matthew said:

" @altbotdos said:

" @KillerBears said:
" Oh boy, this again. "
What do you mean? Please explain. "
I'm pretty sure he's talking about the same type of debate we had with Limbo.  Check out the thread here. "
Thank you for that. I checked his history and didn't find anything at the month mark (I might have missed something), but I am sure that this was it. 
I guess all I can say, is that it might be on the minds of more than one person. I am just glad that I wasn't beating a dead horse.
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Only if it's a game that I really wanted to play.

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4 and done? No way, not full console price.

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hell no.

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No, seems way too expensive. Limbo was expensive for it's length but it's quality meant it was fully worth it.

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Yes, if it's awesome great. $60 isn't much for four solid hours of entertainment in my opinion.
Plus I can bring it back to Gamestop for credit and be a part of that whole obvious and non-controversy.

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it would have to be some kind of best game ever, like with the most groundbreaking graphics or something like that. Or if the package included lik 5 bonus discs, a custom controller and a book.

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No, definately not. The only exception is Call of Duty 4, because that game did not stop for anything.

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Mirror's Edge's campaign was super short, but a lot of fun. I had no problem paying full price for that game. And would do so again for its sequel.

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No, that's the main reason I skipped Kane and Lynch 2, and the multiplayer didn't seem compelling

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Well if I'd pay €100 for an hour with a ho........ You see where this is going

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More importantly, if a mediocre four hour game like Kane & Lynch is $60 (before tax), why isn't a game like Halo, Battle Field, Star Craft, Civilization, and Modern Warfare around $1,000? 
Game length isn't everything, but I'm tired of the "eight hour game" becoming the standard. Especially for $60. I make a solid salary and $60 seems like a lot. I can't imagine how it would feel if I were raising a family of four. Or if I were a student. Or if I were a child. How do you justify a game that takes four hours to play it, but ten or fifteen hours (after taxes) to pay for? 
People like to throw around the idea that you can't take price into consideration. It's the "experience". Yeah - look - there are also places you can get a $250 cheeseburger. I'm still going to stick to the $10 range, when I'm stuffing my face. 

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@JJOR64 said:
" Are there upgrades to get?  More difficulties?  Awesome Unlockables?  Multiplayer? It all depends on the re-playability. "
Lets say yes, but what ever it is you will be done in 4 hrs.
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@Korwin said:
" I already did, it's called Gears of War. "
LOL.....this is exactly what i was thinking!
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It depends on the game.