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Thinking about Super Mario Land 1 and its side scrolling shooter stages - I wonder why Nintendo has never revisited this idea.. Kind of like how Mario Kart was for racing games, and Smash is for Fighting games.

I think a 3DS downloadable mario/nintendo universe 2d scrolling shooter could be bad ass.

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Wasn't that what Mario was originally supposed to be?

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@Video_Game_King: A shooter? I'm talking like Gradius or Dodonpachi style.

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I'll play anything if it's a good game.

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Probably not, but if it were seriously recommended to me then I might check it out.

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I just want another game like Super Metroid from Nintendo. To answer the question, yes.

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Absolutely not. I don't think shooting fits the tone of Mario whatsoever. If nintendo wanted to make a shoot em up, they could create a new series. Or seeing how that would never happen, Star Fox.

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i would totally play gears with mario skins and koopas instead of locust

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I'm pretty sure it's called Contra.

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@ImmortalSaiyan: I don't think that Golf or Car Racing really fits mario either but they have done very well with those.

Eh, just an idea. Nintendo's short on new, unique stuff to do with their franchises. They used to kind of be more off the wall with side stuff like Super Mario Land and Zelda on the Game Boy.

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