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I just said yes, 'cause why not? I think while not the most important thing ever for the next gen to bring, it'd be nice. I'd also hope that if it does, the game is somehow improved just by a little if possible.

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Yes my next PC will support backwards comparability. Oh, wait a second, not what you meant. But I don't think the PS4 will but I think the next Xbox will support it, in some manner at least.

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yes please dear god the thought of my 360 inevitably RRODing and never being able to play those games again is terrifying.

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I could go either way. I'll still break out old consoles if I'm in the mood for games I never finished.

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If I were to get a next generation console, I would be getting it having missed this entire past console generation and the overwhelming majority of the one preceding it. That's several catalogs of games I haven't played. As such, if given the option between buying a next-gen with backwards compatibility and one without, I would buy the latter even if it would cost more.

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Rock Band song backwards compatibility is very important to me.

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Is it weird that I'm not concerned about the next consoles playing current disc-based games but I'll be upset if they're not compatible with our current downloadable games?

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No. In the past, I have always wanted backwards compatibility but in the end never really use it.

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Yes, of course I would want more features.

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I would like the 360 successor to just because I have a close to launch 360 that has been repaired a couple times and I don't think it will last too long after the launch of the next generation. But if it doesn't I wouldn't mind hugely. It's not like I've played an Xbox game any time recently. I also think things like XBLA games would probably be available on next-gen systems. As far as PS4 is concerned, it would be nice, but the challenge of emulating the cell on a standard CPU is kind of staggering. I just don't think it would be possible because the Cell is often used as a co-GPU and there is no evidence that the PS4 will use a non-tradional setup like that. The new CPU would have to be so much more powerful than the cell to emulate it that it wouldn't be cost effective. The only other option would be to place the Cell in the PS4 sort of like what they did with the PS2's innards in the early PS3's.

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At least digitally.

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No care whatso ever. A nice feature if its there but if I want to play an older game I'd just turn on the older console.

Considering it'd require more work and time to implement such a feature with 100% compatibility, I'd rather they didnt waste the time though.

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yes, i would love to see it. just thinking back when i got my xbox 360 i got halo 2 because i never had an xbox to play halo2. think of the poor people who buy the console and one game. they're probably going to want to play the last gen games also.

it's a feature that sony put on ps2, i don't like seeing things go backwards.

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At the very least, all of my XBLA and PSN games need to be playable on next generation platforms.

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At the very least, all of my XBLA and PSN games need to be playable on next generation platforms.

That is the thing I'm most worried about.
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XBLA or PSN games are one thing, but disc based games are another. I think the time, money, and resources they would have to put into the console wouldn't be worth it to the companies.

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While I said yes, I can understand people that are saying no, and for what they say, I have no argument over. I agree, if they put that much more effort into making a greater console without the time spent on making it backwards compatible, then it's better for it. I'd just hope that they don't work on something else that's less wanted if they don't put it in.

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Why not? I don't have enough shelf space as it is let alone for when more come out. Makes me glad to be a PC gamer every time I look at that mess though. Just need a place for a tower and that's it. No need for shelves of games any more, or constantly being on the hunt for space to put big boxes every few years.

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It only adds to the library and I make great use of my xbox360 and Wii's backwardcompat on a weekly basis.

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Why wouldn't I? It won't happen though, so there's that.

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It would be a nice feature if handled properly, which it probably won't be. At least the next Xbox is rumored to have an AMD GPU, so hardware backwards compatibility may be a possibility. Remember the mess of Xbox 360 and PS3 backwards compatibility? Some games worked, some didn't, some PS3's had hardware bc, some didn't have any at all. What a disaster.

That being said...I didn't play one single Xbox or PS2 game on either of their successors. It just isn't important to me.

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Yes, it's a nice feature, although I have most consoles hooked up anyway so don't exactly need it.

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While I certainly wouldn't mind being able to play 360 games on the next Xbox, it may not be feasible depending how what the hardware ends up being. If the new Xbox hardware is similar enough to the 360 that they can put in backwards compatibility without having to include extra hardware, I'm sure it would have it. Otherwise, we all know how that PS3/Xbox 360 turned out in terms of backwards compatibility.

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Sure, not going to happen on the PS4 though, they are almost certainly abandoning their ridiculously difficult architecture for a more user friendly one. I can see it happening on the next Xbox, I wouldn't be surprised if they stuck to their guns with the architecture because devs seem to like the 360 rather a lot and there are a LOT of devs that are familiar with the 360 so it'd be good for them to stick to that setup.

That said, Xbox games on the 360 were pretty shit. Halo was really sluggish, Fable was buggy, there were a lot of issues.

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Why on earth would anyone vote No?

I sure as heck hope the systems do, I got hundreds of dollars wrapped up in Old games and digital games that I have zero desire to repurchase each console cycle if my odl rigs die.

It's why I topped buying movies or even watching them (VHS-> DVD->etc). Who wants to rebuy the same product over and over and over?

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Of course.

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I'm a preservationist. I'd like to see everything supported through some sort of compatibility, but I know that can be difficult or not a high priority for the big platform-holders.

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Naaah, keep one leg in the past and your crotch is going to stretch out real fast.

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@TobyD81 said:

I'm a preservationist. I'd like to see everything supported through some sort of compatibility, but I know that can be difficult or not a high priority for the big platform-holders.

But as a preservationist do you also throw out your old consoles?

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i said i don't care either way because i have the older consoles. if i was young and just buying my new console,i would care super much. but, i'm not- so i don't

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Don't care in the slightest.

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I don't care. I buy a new console to play new games.

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It is extremely unlikely that we will see any support for the PS3 catalogue on the successor system due to the craziness of Cell architecture.

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I would say yes, because I still play a few relatively old 360 games and would like to continue playing them. But, if it doesn't have it, I'll still have my 360 to play them anyway.

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I voted C. I won't be jumping in until there are enough games to warrant it. If BC is still a striking point for me then it means the current gen doesn't have enough quality titles to warrant a system purchase.

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I want my digital purchases to be alright.

With that said, I never understood the backwards compatibility issue. How often are you guys going to old games? Seriously? When I buy my PS4, I want to play PS4 games. That's why I spent that $500. Are you really going to be playing 360 games in 4 years? If so, why the hell did you buy a new console?

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Yes. It damn well better.

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Not really. I'd rather they don't stop making current generation consoles.

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I would like it. But seems like I'm prob going to be keeping my 360 and PS3 for a while even after the new consoles launch. Looks like by the time the new consoles launch I'll have a pretty nice PC. So I'm probably going to go the cheap route and go all PC.

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Yeah, I was really bummed when my launch PS3 broke and I couldn't play my PS2 games anymore because my new Slim didn't support it.

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I don't think I really care but I'm still unsure. I never cared before but then I wasn't nearly as invested in previous generations as I am in this one. I certainly wouldn't be mad if they didn't have backwards compatibility.

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It feels almost like a necessity at this point. as great as it is to keep the old console and plug it in now and then, It would feel more convenient if it was accessible from one place.

and to take it out now, feels like a bummer.

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If you answered no you are a crazy person

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I definitely do. I'm not sure how long my 360 is gonna live.

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As long as they focus on the future instead of squandering in the past, then whatever.

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As the owner of a current-gen collection of games that is well into triple figures, yes. That would be swell.

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I'd like that, yes. Not so sure it's going to happen though.

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Don't care. It's a nice bonus I suppose but it's not something I ever expected from consoles.