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there has been a rumor of a ps4-vita combo. it might be a limited edition my question is would you do it for that price? Keep in mind the ps4 is supposedly going to stream any game that you have in your ps4 to your vita so you can play anywhere

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If I didn't have a Vita already, probably.

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if it streams games to the vita.... probably.

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Nope. I have no urge to own a Vita.

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Yep. If one happens, I hope it is announced before the PS4 launches to I can transfer my pre-order over to the bundle. Otherwise, hopefully there is a Vita price drop. Target is doing a $50 off sale on Vita according to Epic Battle Axe. Remote playing PS4 games sounds good to me.

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If I had an extra $500 around, sure. A new portable PSP/PS1/Persona/PS4 streaming machine would be pretty cool.

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I don't have a vita so ... sure, why not!

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I have a Vita, but my wife wants one, and she won't be getting her own PS4 until 2014, probably, so sure.

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Yes ... if I had the money to do so :/

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If the bundle comes out the same day as the PS4 I would buy it. I've been wanting a Vita for awhile and this would be a pretty great deal.

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Sure, I'll use the vita to play P3P and P4 Golden.

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If I didn't have a Vita? Absolutely. But I already have one, so no.

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I intend to buy both of those things, so absolutely. $100 sounds like more than a fair price for a Vita.

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Fuck yes, I would.

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I already have a Vita and I would buy this bundle. Fuck the Vita haters. The Vita is great. We just need a larger install base so we get more games!

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yeah if the rumor is true. It's a good deal for people who don't already a vita.

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I absolutely will buy that bundle if it becomes a thing. I have been wanting a Vita for quite some time already.

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Without a doubt.

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i think the game streaming will be mostly exclusives with maybe COD and other yearly games like 2k,mlb,madden i just dont see many game developers being able to stream games from ps4 to vita

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If it can do the streaming thing to teh vita, doesn't that combo make it a much better Wii-U?

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If all of this Vita remote play stuff turns out to be true, then yes I would. Hell, I might anyway. It's the only way I'd be getting a vita.

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If both systems had more games I was interested in playing absolutely. At the moment I think Vita has Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush and PS4 has Infamous: Second Son and that's about it.

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I already have a Vita and I would still probably buy that bundle.

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Of course I would. You would get PS4 and Vita, and it would still be almost 100 euros cheaper than what normal PS4 package costs here.

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I can't see them doing it for $500. That seems like a lot of lost money on the vita console. But I can see them doing it for $550, and including a year's PlayStation Plus subscription. That's still a hell of a deal, and it gets people invested in playstation plus too.

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If I wouldn't own a vita, definitely. Especially now that PS+ is required for online multiplayer.

Vita indeed lacks games at the moment, but I never owned a PSP so I personally have a ton of games to play on it while I wait. Still can't wait for FFX HD though.

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I would buy this in a minute! I will be very upset if this bundle comes out shortly after the initial release, unless they do a MAJOR price cut on the Vita, which I really don't think they are going to do.

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Yes. Why isn't this a poll?

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I would, but I rather doubt they would bundle both for $500. At the very least it would be $600

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I'd be willing to contemplate it that's for sure. I feel like I'll end up picking up a PS4 next Spring.

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Yeah. I like the idea of being able to play ps4 games on it. That sounds amazing.

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If they offered a similar deal here in the UK i'd total do that.

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I probably would. I don't have much of an urge to buy a Vita outright but if it's part of a bundle like that I'd probably spend the extra $100 just to have one.

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I really hope they make this bundle like this. The Vita is hurting badly and is almost at WiiU levels of sales.If Sony can put PS4 games on the Vita via remote-play, I'm pretty sure it will sell. Hell, even a couple of dudes on the internet made the PS3(with CFW) capable of remote playing every single game ever made for the system on a PSVita. Why can't Sony do the same on the PS4?

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Well sure, but Sony's not gonna drop the Vita's price that significantly just because it's in a bundle.

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Depends on how well they do the remote play. Low latency and the ability to turn on and off the ps4 with the vita would make it very tempting. I fear that Sony have given up on getting new games for the Vita though and that there will to many control problems with playing PS4 games on a Vita (L2. R2, L3, and R3).

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I already have a Vita, and Sony would price that bundle higher than that.

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Absolutely. I've been wanting to pick a Vita up for some time now since the PS4 announcement and the remote play demo.

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Already have a vita, so no. I also don't think that type of package will ever happen. Maybe for 550-600, but definitely not 500.