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Hear me out:  This re-release of Super Mario All-Stars seems a little half-assed on Nintendo's part.  When the first one of these came out, it made sense to have all of and only the NES titles on it.  The next one updated the graphics, and even included SMW.  But it's been a long, busy decade and a half since then.  I for one would pay the hefty price to have an actual full-on compendium of everything Mario's been up to in the last 25 years.  In fact, that sounds like a no-brainer to me.  Maybe just beef up that history book a little bit, make it a hard-cover sort of gig, and yeah I'd shell out over a hundred.  To have *everything*?  God yes.  I never got a chance to play either Yoshi's Island (the original, or the 64 sequel), Sunshine or Galaxy 2.  This could have been Nintendo's chance to totally cash in on spotty lifetime fans like me.  But they're playing it safe, keeping the price tag way low, and what with companies like Valve giving us things like the Orange Box and those mind-bendingly immense Steam sales like it ain't no thang?  It's not just lame, it's recklessly lame.    
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Wouldn't that be expensive as hell? Especially since Mario's appeared in more games than 2D graphics?

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i would honestly pay 10 dollars more for them to include SMW. Thats all the extra i really want. Im not sure how extensive the soundtrack is either, but Im guessing not every track is included. It damn well better have the SMW ending theme.

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You could still buy those games either off of virtual console or just pick up the wii games you missed out on like SMG2...which you should do right now..

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It's going to happen some day, and it will sure be expensive...

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I think it would probably cost a lot more than $100. Especially if they included all the spinoffs as well.

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Yeah, I think they should've at least included every title up until the Nintendo 64 days. Just having the NES titles on there feels a bit weak.