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Amazing gameplay by a hair, because a game can have a bad story and crap graphics/sound, but if it's fun to play, none of that will matter at all. Gameplay can usually hold my interest when the story can't. Sometimes vice versa- for example, Deadly Premonition.

#52 Posted by IEK (38 posts) -

As an artist graphics has always been the thing that attracts me to games, i'll try out the crappiest games if i can at least appreciate the art.

#53 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

I'll take the awesome gameplay. I need a new multiplayer fix.

#54 Posted by mosdef (177 posts) -

No story.  No graphics.  Greatest game ever made and only in beta (pronounced beat-a).

#55 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3617 posts) -

Story, would be nice to see that for once.

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@ArbitraryWater said:
 Graphics Smaphics. That shallow preference is reserved for people who don't play that many games to begin with, or people around the age of 13. "
@IEK said:
" As an artist graphics has always been the thing that attracts me to games, i'll try out the crappiest games if i can at least appreciate the art. "
ROUND 1.....................................................................FIGHT!!
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Honestly, yeah.  

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Well Half-Life 2 does all of that, so I don't see why we can't have everything.

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story all day everyday. 

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Gameplay is easily 1st.  I would have graphics 2nd.  I play a shit load of games with terrible stories but none that I think are bad looking.    Aside from games with bad stories, I like many racing games(arcade and sim), sports games(arcade and sim), and puzzle games, which mostly have no stories.

#61 Posted by Spoonman671 (4595 posts) -

If gameplay isn't the primary focus, then it shouldn't be a game.  That's what books and movies are for.

#62 Posted by IEK (38 posts) -
I disagree, movies and books aren't nearly as immersive as well presented games can be. Besides, games like flower would make terrible movies...
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Story - it what keeps me coming back. Gameplay has to be tolerable. Graphics just enhance the experience.

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@IEK said:
" @Spoonman671:  I disagree, movies and books aren't nearly as immersive as well presented games can be. Besides, games like flower would make terrible movies... "
They also make terrible games.
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to each his own i guess
#66 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2103 posts) -

Just as the poll indicates, first the gameplay has to be in order and good.  Then usually with me, if the game really has a good story, that is another hook in me.  Graphics are not a huge deal really with me unless they just look completely awful.  I own and regularly play games on the Wii you know.... therefore I would say I am not concerned really in the least with graphics being a big draw.  Then again, I am  a PC boy from back in the day when the whole Half Life 2 and Doom 3 thing was going on and was gushing over those 2 games with my Radeon 9800.

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Gameplay for me. Story is meaningless for me in videogames, simply because I don't invest myself fully enough to be immersed. Take for instance, the Stalker or Fallout games. I played them over and over, and I have no idea of the storyline. I always fast forward the conversations just to keep on with my gameplay. 
And this come from a guy who pays his bill writing books. Weird, heh?

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@IEK: That was far too civil of you.  I believe you were supposed to insult my intelligent or possibly curse at me.
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Definitely not graphics, but it's a real toss-up between the other two.

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Gameplay, with story a distant second. 
And HitmanAgent47 is a filthy liar. Gameplay... pshaw!

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Story. I stopped playing Just Cause 2 quite quickly because the story was utter shit.

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dont care for graphics, story is nice but if i play through a game for a second time i cant stand having to sit through long cutscenes, gameplay is where its at!

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I have to have all of them be good enough. Not just "oh, these are great graphics... but the game is boring and the story isn't compelling." or, "Yeah, this game's fun, but I wish if they make a sequel it has a better story and better graphics.." And well, you get the gist.
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Story, but mainly because no game I've played has ever had an "amazing" story.

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I can cope with mediocre gameplay, and bad graphics for a good story, for me to play a game with shitty story the other two would either both have to be great or one would have to be absolutely outstanding. I hope that made sense.

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@arab_prince said:
" Story. I stopped playing Just Cause 2 quite quickly because the story was utter shit. "
QFT. I only continued through it to get the trophies :P
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Graphics all the way. We know storyline and gameplay don't matter. You may have an award winning script on your hands.. but that's all you have. I'm playing a dumb plot-less game at 2400X1675 MAXXXXED OUT bitches!!
I hate you. :)

#78 Posted by Aleryn (704 posts) -

Gameplay.  Story second if it's a single player game.

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Gameplay. This should not even be a discussion. Everything about Comic Jumper was awesome EXCEPT the gameplay, which really hurt it. No matter how good the graphics or story, if the game ain't fun to play, then why play games?

#80 Posted by supermike6 (3557 posts) -

I don't know. A game that favors any of the three over the others could appeal to me. I don't really like to limit myself, I'll give a chance to any game.

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i don't understand why people always talk like it's only possible for games to do one of those things good at any one time

#82 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

gameplay has to be good. story is just alright in games now. gameplay has to be good in a game. a game can be crappy.

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Story is always a big selling point for me. It has to be the kind of story that only a game can provide though. Something like Mass Effect would never work as a movie because I get to make choices that effect the outcome.  
I don't always need a story though. Bayonetta was a great example of me playing for the crazy fun combat; the stupid batshit insane story was just a plus. I guess thats another example of a story that would only work in a video game. Can you imagine a Bayonetta movie? I'd see it. 
Really though, I feel that both story and gameplay are equally important when making a game. Graphics are just a plus.

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If the story is good enough, I will finish the game no matter how bad the gameplay is. Vice-versa for gameplay. Graphics can certainly make a good impression for a game, but thats about it. 

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I almost prefer it when games don't have involved stories. I want to shoot people and jump on platforms, not watch cutscenes. RPGs with good stories and dialogue choice stuff are good, but 75% of games could have as much story as your average Mega Man game and I wouldn't care. For every game like Uncharted 2 that has a decent story, there are a dozen Gears of Wars and Vanquishes where it's just an excuse to do what I bought the game for.

#86 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3530 posts) -

anyone who said graphics does not have a solid grasp of priorities 

#87 Posted by Trebz (487 posts) -

Gameplay. It's a video game. Above all, having fun is the important part.

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  1. Gameplay
  2. Graphics
  3. Story
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@gamefreak9 said:
" I can get story from books and movies, i play Games for amazing interactivity. GAMEPLAY!! "
#91 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18955 posts) -
@CarlSmith said:
" I kind of think that the majority of the Mass Effect community out there told us - Sometimes awful gameplay and at time terrible graphics still makes the original Mass Effect one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. :) So yeah - story.  "
whats with all this STORY talk? you make it sound like Mass Effect has this extraordinary never-thought-of-before story.. 
I loved both Mass Effect games. the first one is one of my all time favorites. the story was very epic and moving, with characters that mattered and a war that kept me fighting til the end, but it wasnt all that fantastic.. simply put, it was about an ALIEN FORCE that threatened HUMANITY and ONE MAN had to lead the forces of good to DESTROY EVIL .... hello? Lord of the Rings ? Dragon Age Origins ? and many many other books and movies and games ? 
i challenge anyone here to name 5 games that had a great stories that werent basically about a hero fighting off evil and saving the world, or going up to an infected space station and purging it/defeating the alien infection, or going behind enemy lines to sabotage their shit and cripple their evil WMD-related plans...  
Actually, come to think of it, there pretty much arent great stories at all ! we THINK that movies and games have great stories, but we're fooled by either the intensity or the characters etc.. but the stories at core are 90% of the time about some liberation or some other typical shit. The Matrix for example. my all time favorite movie. whats it about? Liberating humanity from the machines that enslaved their minds.. 
#92 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

Gameplay might be too narrow a term.  Interactivity is what makes the medium unique, though, so I think the interactivity has to be central to the game you're making.  Therefore, I choose gameplay.

#93 Posted by Bigrhyno (505 posts) -

I can't believe graphics is losing so bad. Graphics are clearly the only thing that matters in video games.

#94 Posted by HerbieBug (4212 posts) -

For the longest time story held the #1 spot for me.  Now, not quite as much.  I no longer have the kind of free time available to sit down with a long narrative heavy game that I used to, so naturally gameplay has taken precedence.  There is also the issue of not having the patience to tolerate mediocre gameplay just to experience a good story.   I just called it quits with AC:brohood about 70% through, for example, due to lack of enthusiasm about the checkpoint and scripting heavy escort missions the game was laying on thick.  Youtubed the ending, good enough. 

#95 Posted by DeShawn2ks (1052 posts) -

I play games to have fun so I have to go with amazing gameplay. I don't care how good the story or graphics are if the game plays like shit it isn't worth it. I

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If you ask me what's more important, it'd be gameplay because I wont play a terrible game despite of it's story. But if you ask me if I would like an amazing story or gameplay - I'll say story. 
As long as the gameplay is tolerable I'm set! But if the gameplay is tolerable and the story is amazing, I'll purchase any sequel to come as long as it follows suit.

#97 Posted by HaroldoNVU (591 posts) -

I can play and have fun with games with little or no story like Altitude or Gran Turismo, but it's the story driven games that I hold on highest regard. So Story for me. Gameplay is a close second. Graphics matter but no nearly enough as those two. I actually care a lot more about sound and soundtrack that aren't even on this poll than graphics.

#98 Posted by Grumbel (910 posts) -

Good gameplay is relatively easy to replace, a good story on the other side is what makes a game truly unique.

#99 Posted by Gamer_152 (14070 posts) -

It's a bit of a draw between gameplay and story for me.

#100 Posted by Geno (6477 posts) -

Oh not this shit again. I would rather have all 3. I would also like to have amazing sound design, amazing characters, amazing music, etc.
A game's quality is determined by the sum of its parts. It's almost impossible to find a game that highly excels in one area but fails in all the rest anyway.