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#101 Posted by ectoplasma (961 posts) -

I would rather amazing grammar.

#102 Posted by PenguinDust (12450 posts) -
Amazing story however if the gameplay is too broken I won't suffer through to experience the story.  The game play (and graphics to a lesser extent) must be functional in order for me to enjoy the story.  Otherwise, it becomes a distraction and an impediment to my progress. 
#103 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5137 posts) -

Im playing Mass Effect 2 so I don't need to choose.

#104 Posted by DelroyLindo (387 posts) -

Vanquish had a non existent story, but the gameplay was some of the best ive played in years. Enslaved has serviceable gameplay but a really engaging and believable story. Graphics I really dont care about these days, pretty much every game released looks fine.

#105 Posted by JJWeatherman (14557 posts) -

Chalk me up as a story guy. An interesting story can almost always overshadow bad gameplay and graphics.

#106 Posted by StarvingGamer (7999 posts) -
@Geno said:
" Oh not this shit again. I would rather have all 3. I would also like to have amazing sound design, amazing characters, amazing music, etc. A game's quality is determined by the sum of its parts. It's almost impossible to find a game that highly excels in one area but fails in all the rest anyway.  "
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#107 Posted by Rowz (26 posts) -

I'd take gameplay or story over graphics

#108 Posted by Ragdrazi (2283 posts) -

A lot of games have placed focus on gameplay to a level where it excludes all else. Thing is, I don't just play games to masturbate my reflexes. If I'm not getting anything out of it in terms of story then I don't know why I'd be playing it.