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#1 Posted by EkajArmstro (389 posts) -

Hey everyone! Would you rather play a game at 30 FPS consistently, or a game that fluctuates between 30 and 60 fps depending on the intensity of the action?

#2 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5256 posts) -

Consistent framerate always.

#3 Posted by Vod_Crack (723 posts) -

Consistent, a framerate that varies wildly is one of my pet peeves.

#4 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Probably consistent, it's much, much more of a bummer to have 60 FPS for a minute or two then hit 30 than it is to be playing constantly at 30. In the BF3 alpha I was running it at 35 - 40 FPS and got used to it pretty quickly.

#5 Posted by jkuc316 (981 posts) -

I'd rather have consistent

#6 Posted by Hector (3365 posts) -

Consistent frame rate for sure!

#7 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

Consistent for sure.

Unless it's swings between like 150 and 200 fps (like some of the games on my PC does) then I don't really mind it.

#8 Posted by huntad (1940 posts) -

I'd rather have a framerate of a consistent 60 fps.

#9 Posted by Redbullet685 (6044 posts) -

@wolf_blitzer85 said:

Consistent framerate always.
#10 Posted by shadystx (182 posts) -

I prefer consistent as for most games 30fps is fine, IMO it's mainly racing games that benefit from 60fps, If we were not running fraps the majority of us would never know the difference if our game was running at a consistent 30fps or 45 fps.

I am still rocking an 8800GT overclocked to death and its holding up really well, I still manage to play most games maxed out over 30fps but with new releases like the witcher 2 leaving me with the itch to play it on uber its definitely time to buy a new gpu at the end of the year.

#11 Posted by Sogeman (871 posts) -

As long as it's smooth I don't care about the frames

#12 Posted by nohthink (1223 posts) -

It depends. Because sometimes, when so many things going on, it looks frigging awesome when everything just slows down. Of course, when I play online, I want consistant frame rate.

#13 Posted by NekuCTR (1663 posts) -

On PC I like it to be as high as possible, even if it dips sometimes, some people say it makes them sick, but it doesn't affect me. As for console I'd prefer a solid 60 but solid 30 is ok too after a little while playing.

#14 Posted by S0ndor (2716 posts) -

Consistently high.

#15 Posted by IBurningStar (2173 posts) -

Consistent. Constantly fluctuating framerates are really distracting.

#16 Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious (1641 posts) -

Definitely consistent. I hate being teased with 60 fps.

#17 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1807 posts) -

I honestly can't tell the difference between 60 and 30 FPS Thus, I will always choose consistent FPS over high FPS. Even after choosing that, though, I still don't think I could articulate any frame rate drops or graphical hitches.

#18 Posted by benjaebe (2783 posts) -

Consistent always.

#19 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3874 posts) -

Consistent. Framerate dips are the most annoying thing about gaming.

#20 Posted by RecSpec (3820 posts) -

Consistency please.

#21 Posted by Gamer_152 (14078 posts) -

I'd take the consistent framerate.

#22 Posted by Yanngc33 (4496 posts) -

Consistency is the best

#23 Posted by Clonedzero (4200 posts) -

consistent. easily.

#24 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6197 posts) -

@S0ndor said:

Consistently high.

#25 Posted by spazmaster666 (1968 posts) -

This is a tricky question since playing at 30 fps on a console with a gamepad vs playing 30 fps on a PC with a mouse and keyboard is VERY different. No only does your typical PC monitor have lower input lag than many larger LCD-TVs, the amount of motion that you get with a mouse is just far superior to a controller. Hence why a consistent 30 fps on a console feels okay, whereas a consistent 30 FPS on the PC often feels very slow and choppy. Honestly I would rather it fluctuate between 30 and 60 fps assuming that there would only be larger framerate drops in only the most intense of situations.

#26 Posted by Silver-Streak (1362 posts) -

This depends on the game. If a game has really good animations that you're going to see (such as an adventure game or some RPGs), I'd really like a high framerate to make it look smoother. High-action games where mostly you're just seeing explosions and models dart in and out of cover probably don't need the framerate as much, but need a steadier one.

However, this is why I regularly upgrade my PC and use V-Sync, so I can have a constant 60fps.

#27 Posted by Solemn (278 posts) -


#28 Posted by Vexxan (4621 posts) -

Steady 30, please.

#29 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

consistent 60

#30 Posted by Enigma777 (6073 posts) -

I cant tell the difference between 30 and 60fps so either is fine for me.

#31 Posted by Three0neFive (2293 posts) -

inb4 someone claims the human eye only sees up to 24fps

#32 Posted by Meteora (5787 posts) -

Consistent, of course. It would be best if we had both, but if I had to choose one or the either, it would have to be a consistent FPS.

#33 Posted by Cirdain (3089 posts) -

@nohthink said:

It depends. Because sometimes, when so many things going on, it looks frigging awesome when everything just slows down. Of course, when I play online, I want consistant frame rate.

I, Slightly, agree. With said, statement.

#34 Posted by EkajArmstro (389 posts) -

Thanks for the input everyone! I'm making a complex game in game maker which is a slow language and my code is inefficient, so I'm having speed issues. It is a lot easier to make it run at a solid 30 then having to deal with the fps fluctuating constantly (you don't want someone with a faster computer to be able to walk twice as fast as someone with a slower computer). I think it feels alright at 30 (no mouse lag as far as I can tell) and the graphics are going to be bad anyways :P

#35 Posted by guiseppe (2841 posts) -

Consistent without a doubt.

#36 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

High consistent!

#37 Posted by Simulacrum (462 posts) -

Consistency. Especially in PC games.

#38 Edited by Swoxx (3000 posts) -

Depends, if the consistent fps is 5 then no, I'd rather have high. 30 though? yeah consistent. Why can't I have both?

#39 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1573 posts) -

Always consistent. I can adjust to a low framerate in twenty or so minutes of playing and won't think about it again. But if a framerate starts dipping or spiking, it is the most distracting thing in the world.

#40 Posted by Little_Socrates (5677 posts) -

Consistent over high, though both is always nice.

#41 Posted by satansmagichat (187 posts) -

Wait, but if it ONLY fluctuates between 30 and 60, then wouldn't you be better off having the higher framerate some of the time then the lower framerate the entire time? It's not like it fluctuates between 15 and 60. That I couldn't stand. But I guess it depends on the game. 30fps Puzzle Quest wouldn't be as annoying as 30fps TF2 or something.

#42 Posted by Huey2k2 (491 posts) -


I want a constant 60fps.

I don't really care if the game has to look slightly crappier to make it happen. I want a constant high frame rate.

#43 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -

Consistent, sometimes MMO's can suddenly hang like fuck during fights or just traveling and makes me feel as high as a kite.

#44 Posted by AuthenticM (3732 posts) -

MGS4 fluctuates between 30 and 60 FPS, depending on the intensity of the action. I didn't mind it; in fact, I enjoyed it. The game never dipped below 30, so everything was fine and dandy.

#45 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

I like to be consistently high while FPSing.

#46 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Consistence. If I can't play my PC games at a constant 60 (or very much so near constant) I get annoyed.

As long as it's 90% of the time at 60 FPS I'm OK, but if it's constantly changing from 40-60 then that shit is very easy to notice. Playing through The Witcher 2 on ultra at the moment with a constant 60 FPS and it is just gorgeous to behold and play.

I still think the console version of GTA IV is an abomination. That frame rate was atrocious, it really annoys me how if you get in a fast car on that game you're greeted noticeable frame rate drops. Every time.

#47 Posted by Thor_Molecules (732 posts) -

60 frames or bust!

#48 Edited by GuyIncognito (445 posts) -

Consistent 60fps with v-sync. Newsflash: (Current) consoles are 6 year old tech.

#49 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

i prefer a poll

#50 Posted by Contro (2040 posts) -

Consistency, but I demand fluid visuals in certain types of games, because frame-drops can ruin the immersion.