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Didn't see anything about this but It made me laugh so thought I'd put it out there. Its a story about Republicans trying to shed a distasteful light on a Democratic candidate based on her WoW character. I know stupid stuff usually comes out about people around election times but this just seemed SO pointless. It made me wonder that since more and more people in all parties are using social networks and playing video games and as time goes on older party members will be replaced with younger ones, will attempts like this become more frequent in the future and if so will it ultimately hurt the party making the claims as their younger member will see it as nothing worth talking about and remain a pointless issue or will these forms of media become so important that people will begin to actually take notice of how people act in their online life?

Not sure if any of that text me sense but here the link anyway...


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Old people lol

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i saw that on kotaku. its bullshit. just because what sombody does in her spare time shouldnt effect her professional life. nor should somthing sombody said or did in the past effect how people view them in the future. i used to do ALOT of drugs with this girl ten years ago and now shes stopped all that and is quite possibly one of the greatest mothers ive even met in my life. would people look down on her if they knew that about her? probly so but they shouldnt. this chic likes to game. i find that cool that she can do that and run for office. thats pretty awesome in my book.

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@rebgav: Wweird there's 2 and I couldn't find them. Meh, they can scrap this one if they want. Cheers.