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I haven't played WoW for like...three years and then only for a week or so. I have a few of these here guest passes from SC2 i might as well use and I'm wondering, what's the best class to pick for soloing? I went hunter last time and am considering going that rout again but should I?
Should I???

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Paladin, you get a heal button to use after battles, and u get free insta-kills once in a while. Its practically easy mode

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Paladin for sure. I leveled mine mostly Prot in BC. You don't kill things fast, but you can kill many things at the same time. So it evens out. 
Ret might be more viable now.

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I don't think that there is a clear solo class anymore. You should rather just go for the class you think would be the most fun. And hunter is still is great CC.
I play a Mage the most these days because that's the class I feel is the funnest questing and such. But no reason to not create a hunter.

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If you really really REALLY want to go solo then I'd say Paladin is your best bet.  I have a Priest, a Mage, a Paladin and a Warrior and the Paladin was by far the easiest one to level with minimal downtime.  Their plate makes them take low damage, their melee makes them not need to stop for mana, and they are probably the easiest class to kill Elite mobs solo.  Plus if you're in Ret spec you get a passive move speed boost and an active mount speed boost.

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I'd have to say Paladin, but just because I've noticed that those things are nigh immortal under normal circumstances. If you want a solo experience that actually teaches you how to play, I'd suggest Hunter. Survival spec means you need to actually pay attention to what's around you and not just press the "kill" button.

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Hmm interesting. I went hunter originally cause I like shooting stuff and the prospect of taming a Raptor was extremely appealing. Those facts are still true but stuff I'm hearing about Pally's sounds pretty great too.

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Tanking classes (Paladin, warrior, druid) and hunters are both very strong for soloing.  Although honestly, the way the first 60 levels are designed now you could go with pretty much anything.

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if you possess any kind of skill you can do basically anything as a warlock. dunno if catackalysm dumbed down the class any though. (game has sucked since wrath, activi$ion, easy mode, etc.)

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It honestly isn't difficult to level anything now. Seriously. So choose whatever you have the most fun with.

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i haven't played wow in a couple of years maybe like 4. try a druid. you can turn into a bear and then turn into your regular guy to shoot magic at him. 
i would also say mage. this takes practice but good. go ice mage and you can go crazy with guys. you group the mobs up run around then explode so they are stuck in place, then start raining ice, run around again and explode the ice, and rain again keep on doing that until they are dead. i did that with a mage before. i think i got it to level 63 and then i stopped playing wow. it was pretty fun to do that.

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I  ended up going Tauren Ret Pally. Seems to be working out so far. The Tauren starting zone was a little heavy on the fetch/kill quests for my taste but he's fun to play as. I kinda miss shooting crap but being able to heal is awesome. Got to 11 in my first sitting, they aren't kidding when they talk about how much faster you level up now.

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I've been soloing on my main Rouge.  
No problems so far. But yeah, Ret Paladin is the good and easy choice. 

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Protection Paladin is the way to go. 
At around level 40-50 you'll be down the talent tree enough to get something called "Guarded by the light" which when used to over heal yourself (Protip: That's healing at full health) will give you a shield equal to the over heal protecting you from all damage. 
I miss WoW but fuck it's boring.

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Every class is pretty good nowadays, but Paladins are sadly still easymode.
I enjoyed leveling my Warrior the most tho, being in the thick of things and not having OH SHIT buttons is awesome.
I much rather switch to protection stance and equip a shield quick to help survive a bad pull then just press my bubble button and win easymode. ><

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Sorry to sound like a complete elitest, but most of the people that posted in this thread probably are not top level players at this game.
1-80 is a complete joke for any class, 80/82-85 gets hard on healing and melee classes because mobs start hitting very hard and healing starts scaling very poorly.
Unfortunetly ret paladin's are both a healing and melee class (you would have a much easier time as prot).  Not to say that it really matters because it only takes about 12 hours to get from 80-85.
Just dont pick your class based on what is easiest to solo, pick the class you like based on its play style. Seriously, paladins are currently the worst DPS class in pve and pvp @ 85. Look at the top raids and arena teams, nobody uses them.

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@MonkeyPulp: I am a top level Holy/Ret Pally with an Arcane Mage and Holy/Shadow Priest on the side for fun.  Yes Ret is pretty shit right now but once 4.0.6 drops and we start stacking the hell out of Mastery I'm sure we'll be doing fine.  And why would you bother to go Prot to level?  I could run in as Ret, aggro 3-4 mobs, and win with close to 100% HP and Mana all the way up to 85.  My Mage didn't even have any problems dealing with damage, and I'm not the type of player that carefully gets to maximum range before starting to cast.
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I rolled a protection pally. And that was pretty easy. 

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Ret pally, Lock or Hunter are the fastest.

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Well, I seemed to have problems pulling a lot of mobs 83-85. I was leveling very fast and actually got server first 85. When I grouped up with my feral friend in twilight highlands he seemed to be having a much easier time then me.
I don't really see how you could pull so many mobs in Twilight Highlands without losing any mana or hp.  I figured going prot would help decrease the damage you take well not really messing with your dps too much. 
I'm not too up to date on the ret changes though since I stopped playing a couple days after I hit 85, nice to see their fixing some problems.
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Priests are the most fun for groups 
Pallys are best for soloing