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I turned on my xbox for the first time in like 2 months only to find that the only 2 games I still care about on the market place are on sale. I played the trial versions of both and really like both, but I just can't seem to make up my mind. Make my decision for me GB community!

Trials Evolution or Mark of the Ninja?

I should mention that I only have 800 points to spend and that I'm not planning on buying more.

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Trials Evolution is fun. Mark of the Ninja is not.

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Trials Evo is the most fun I had with a downloadable game last year.

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Trials is a tedious mess of a game. Mark of the Ninja is one of the best designed games of last year.

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I'll put my vote in for Mark of the Ninja. Solid game.

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unless you are a god, trials will last you longer as its real hard. so if your into trial and error (it is satisfying to an extent) then get trials

but mark of the ninja is awesome, great fluid combat and actually makes stealth very approachable.

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Have you played Dust?

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I've never personally found the Trials series very enjoyable. Conversely, I highly recommend Mark of the Ninja.

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I've had a ton of fun playing Trials with friends, and some of the tracks are quite awesome. I have Mark of the Ninja, and although I didn't get too far, I didn't have a great feeling about the game. It's less "awesome ninja stab stab," and more "how do I get past this puzzle and avoid all enemies?" Granted, if you love stealth (and none of that nonlethal=stealth, but stealth=nothing), you might have fun with MotN, but I can't guarantee that. With friends, Trials is even better. I'd go for Trials, but I'm biased.

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Mark of the Ninja is perhaps the best experience I've had on Live all last year, followed by Dust, and then Trials Evolution. With that said, Trials basically has endless user made content, so I'd probably give the edge to Trials.