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Hi guys, so I have a question for those who have or owned racing wheels. I own an xbox 360 race wheel and currently have it clamped to a cheap wooden TV tray with the pedals just stuck in between the bottom of the legs. It works alright for myself but it's a little bit unsturdy due to the weight issue of the race wheel. I have found myself playing something like Forza and accidently knocking the whole thing over with a sharp turn. My five year old nephew loves playing racing games on the Xbox but I'm kinda hesitant to let him play with the wheel due to how unsturdy the setup currently is Anybody have any good suggestions with their wheel setup for a person who plays racing games on a casual basis. I don't really have an extra desk or table to mount the thing to and am looking for something I can either buy or build on the cheap. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

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From the time I used one of those 360 wheels (and I was an idiot, and persisted with it for quite a while), I figured out that the whole thing was kind of crap in its design. It's top-heavy, has a very basic clamp that doesn't do a great job, and overall you feel dramatically less in control with it than with a controller. I tried to have it set up on a good coffee table with a low centre of gravity, and the amount of times it came off out of nowhere was mind-boggling.

The only real option, apart from setting up some larger system which would keep it in place (which would go against your casual approach), is to try and prop it between some bits and pieces so that when it does shift, those take the impact. That's only a stop-gap, though, and it probably won't last terribly long.

So here's your best option: Don't buy a racing wheel.

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@RPGee: Haha, yeah I've owned it for three years now and wished you told me that back then. I enjoy it for that sim feel, though would probably never take it online due to how hard it is to manuever in it at times. I wonder if the xbox 360 wheel is the equivalent to using a xbox 360 controller in a pc first person shooter where you feel handicapped from the start.