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Is it just me or has Microsoft not been very interested in drumming up excitement over the Xbox One? I know most of the press in under embargo, but I have a PS4 and the Xbox one on pre-order and at the moment I can't seem to decide if I want to keep the Xbox One or use that money on an iPad Air. I just can't seem to get excited for the Xbox One at the moment. What do you think?

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iPad Air is crazy fast. And yeah, Microsoft's decision to withhold reviews seems a bit odd. I would wait until after the Xbox has launched. That way, you can see what people are saying and also, if you get an iPad, you may see it on sale.

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well if you are not excited for anything on the one, then go for the air.

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I don't want an X1 BUT get the X1. I feel it'll be more of a long term investment rather than getting the IPad Air and having a new version come out 6-12 months later that you may want. But it's up to you.

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Is neither an option?

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I don't care

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If you're not interesting in a $500 tech item atm, don't buy it.

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Neither. The iPad Air didn't really impress me after my hands on with it and the Xbox One, like all consoles in my opinion, should have a wait and see attitude.

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Wii U. Super Mario 3D World.

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XONE, and a iPad Mini Retina whenever.

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If you already have an iPad4:

  • Don't get the iPad or XBox One.

If you have a lot of friends who will be playing on XBox One exclusively:

  • Cancel the PS4 pre-order and get an XBox One.

I can't see any reason to get both a PS4 and XBox One at launch unless you're in the games industry or have money to burn. Launch titles are going to be garbage and by the time a good exclusive is out, the launch titles you might actually be interested in will be super cheap.

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What's an iPad Air?

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If you'r not really interested in either then just spend the money on a holiday.

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I... what?

If you have a PS4 already and you care little for XONE, just save your money.

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The answer is spend the $500 on a sweet ass new video card.

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Unless there are games on the Xbox One you want to play, don't get it. Only get an iPad Air if you don't have the previous version, don't base it solely on your Xbox One decision.

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Neither, save it up like a responsible person!

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X1 without a doubt. iPads are constantly being outdated, whereas the X1 is something that is supposed to last for 10+ years.

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Your iPad air will be irrelevant in a couple years and an Xbox will keep you entertained for many more years.

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iPad as it can play games at 1080p

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Buying Apple products ever. Buy an Xbone instead. It'll(probably) last longer than the ipad, which will chug like a motherfucker in two major iOS updates.

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Actually, I was stuck with this decision as well, although I wasn't limiting my choice to just the XBO. I was contemplating between a PS4, XBO and Ipad Air. I went with the Ipad Air for a number of reasons. First, I bought a new gaming PC at the start of the year, so I am good for high-end graphics and such right now. Second, I don't own any other tablet. Finally, there are no launch titles that I really want to play. I know I am going to get more use out of an Ipad right now. Next year, however when Titanfall and Destiny drop, that's when I'll start thinking about a new console. Besides, by then I hope they have all the launch bugs worked out.

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iPad as it can play games at 1080p

1536p. Almost as many P's as Jeff's monitor.

I would get an iPad (or a Wii U) if I were in this situation. Though if you already have an iPad that is an iPad 3 or newer, you probably don't need the new one.

iPads are great for studying. I convert all my notes to HTML and then to PDF and it gives me a very handy platform to study from. Much harder to get distracted that way. Same with digitally distributed assignments. I don't ever print anything, just throw it on Dropbox and open it on the iPad.

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As a Ps4 and android guy, most definitely the ipad.

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I like to be there at the launch of systems. I too like to see them when they break or succeed. Then again, I could really use an iPad right now and Microsoft isn't really having the flag out there to get me excited about my pre-order. Man, I don't want to sound like another hater, but they really are dropping the ball this entire launch.

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I would say Xbox One.

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@mrpilkington:You should just buy an $700 iPad every year and then listen to Will Smith blaargh about it for about an hour same year after.

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@blu3v3nom07: I still keep up with Tested.com for the most part and yeah, you are kind of right. Norm actually switch to Android, if you haven't kept up.

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@mrpilkington: I still keep up with Tested, yea. I'm not sure why, though.

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@blu3v3nom07: I'm still very tech savvy and I enjoy the talk of specific topics... but I too wonder why I still care, there isn't really anything wrong with it and they do a good job... I just can't seem to care anymore. The spark is gone or something.

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@mrpilkington: The three of them are just as bad as Josh Topolsky over at The Verge. Nilay does a stand up job, but they're just so boring.

Anyway, Norm seems more like a meme-maker, than anything worth listening to on technology.