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there nay already be a topic for this if so sorry but i didnt want  to look. any way i preffer the xbox however they both have there good points so i just wanted peoples opinions P.S sorry about spellinng :)

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I prefer PS3, the games are more my style. I've never been a fan of straight action games, I prefer unique games that either break the mold or present an interesting concept or idea that is not overused and repetitive.

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Xbox here.

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i would say that botconsoles have original games but the xbox seems to be realesing more fps than the ps3 which can be a bit repetitivie because only has become the main focus so the campigns suck

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The xbox was better earlier.
Now, I feel, the PS3 is starting to come unto its own, with games like Uncharted, (need I say it)MGS4, and Valkyria.
Still, the 360 has plenty of good series, like Fable and (need I say it)Gears.

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I assume you are talking about the 360 right?

I seem to play on my 360 more than my PS3, but I like the PS3's design a lot more with the XMB and the Blutooth remote is fantastic.

The 360 experience stuff looks almost as good as the XMB, so we will have to see when it comes out.

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I pick the N-Gage!!! ...did I win?

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Kush said:
"I pick the N-Gage!!! ...did I win?
Just for the sake of avoiding all the ensuing madness I will join you on your Nokia crusade.
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360 all the way in till Home is released, trophies become mandatory, and the online (even though it has improved) still needs some polishing.
I also don't care for the PS3 exclusives as much as I do for the 360's... Love me some Mass Effect and Gears.

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they both suck compared to the PC and this is coming from someone who bought a PS3 last month.

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Xbox 360

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Xbox seems to be the best bet.  360 seems to have a stronger stable of games but remember that it did come out sooner.  Though Microsoft is targeting the casual audience now, they have many games that appeal to the hardcore gamers and focus heavily on online play. 

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Donwoogie's Guide to Console Choice

Do you play online regularly and are happy to pay a reasonable subscription fee?  Get an Xbox 360

Do you play online infrequently and want a free online gaming service?  Get a PS3

Do you want the console with the largest library of games?  Get an Xbox 360

Do you want a console capable of functioning as a media hub? Get a PS3

Do you use a lot of HDD space and want to have the ability to easily put in a cheap very large HDD? Get a PS3

Do you want a Blu-Ray movie player? Get a PS3

Are you on a tight budget? Get an Xbox 360

Would you be angry if your console broke down and you had to send it off to be replaced (free of charge)? Get a PS3

Do you want a more streamlined, but closed system that seamlessly integrates all features in game and out? Get an Xbox 360

Do you want customisability and an open, but less seamless system? Get a PS3

Do you want the largest choice of DLC (some free, most at reasonable price)? Get an Xbox 360

In addition, consider past, present and future games and decide which game list you want more.

Also, look at controller preferance.

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if i was forced to get rid of one it'd be the ps3. that could change anytime of course.

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360. Its turning out to be a lot stronger than people predicted. PS3 was supposed to rule the next-gen but look at SOny now. The 360 has most of the RPG's and has some great shooters such as Halo 3 and Gears of War. Plus the marketplace and achievement points were genius. 

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it all boils down to personal choice. most games are out on both consoles so it depends on what you want to play (JRPGs/SOE stuff vs FPS) and what features you want

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i have a 360 and a ps3 i only use my ps3 for bluray and mgs4, im waiting for resistance 2 and LBP, but once gears 2 comes out i probably wont touch my ps3

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Jaguar is way better than both of them.

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I like 360 since they exclusives cater towards my likes.  Plus I pretty much play online all the time.