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So I skipped out on buying xcom the million times it was 10 dollars in the last few months. I finally decided I wanted it and the only option is this amazon.com sale that is happening. Being that I am from Canada, I would use the .ca site instead but it does not have the sale. If I purchase the game on amazon.com, will I have any issues activating this game on steam?

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I don't think it will even let you purchase the digital copy from another country. At least it didn't in the past. When you go to checkout, it will just say that it is only available in the US. If by some miracle you do end up getting a Steam code, then it should be fine, as the codes are universal.

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Just change your billing address to a random US address. I've bought loads of games from Amazon US and I'm from the UK.

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With the kindle books store, Tigana, is available on the uk version of amazon, so I changed my kindle address to some soccer stadium in the UK, bought the book, and then changed back to an American account with my normal address.

The book downloaded just fine with a US account in the app.

I suggest trying a sports stadium address or some other iconic building.