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So... I know these games are nothing alike, but Ive got enough cash to spare right now to buy one of two games that I would really like to play. Ive been meaning to buy 3D Land since it's release but never got around to it. And to be honest, I've never played an XCOM game before, but after seeing the quicklooks abd playing through the demo on both xbox and steam, I find that I really want to buy it. Since I'm trying to spend less these days, longevity and replay value are important. Looking at reviews, most dont mention how long to complete/master either game. So for people who played both, which do you think has the most value? I could really go for a good strategy game right now, but I could also use a new 3ds game to play on lunch/commute. Help me decide GB! Bonus questions: how long does 3D Land take to download off Eshop? And Xcom.. PC or Xbox? Used to be able to just say PC, but these days sometimes console versions get more focus.

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depends on your situation I'd go with mario land if your always on the go and want to play something on the plane or on the bus. xcom maybe if you have alot of free time at the moment and wanna game from your couch. Both are fantastic games I can tell you that. Not sure about mario land on eshop and how long it will take. I'd probably go with the pc port of xcom I think pc ports are usually cheaper than the console ports and you have the options between keyboard or controller.

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PC XCOM. Super Mario 3D Land is OK, but nothing you haven't seen in a Mario game really.

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3D Land won't get any cheaper, buying XCOM at a later time might save you some buxxx, if that's a concern.

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@Artikay: Haven't played XCOM yet.. although I definitely plan to. But I can tell you that 3D Land is an excellent game. If the game's length is a concern for you, 3D Land isn't lacking in that area. The best parts of the game come after you finish the main game, when basically another entire game is opened up to you. I'll say that I 100% completed 3D Land, and that isn't something I commonly do with games, so it had to have been doing something special for me to keep coming back.

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maybe somebody should start developing a mario land mod for XCOM. That will make your decision much easier.

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XCOM, not a question.

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If you're strapped for cash, XCOM will definitely last you longer. It's also more fun, so... just buy XCOM.

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You're making a choice between hugely differen't genre's and tone of style. What do you feel more like playing? Or which type of games do you enjoy more? Do you want more serious style RTS or a whimsical platformer? I think both probably deliver some of the best examples of their respective genres. I've only played Super Mario 3D Land so I can't outright compare them in term's of personal enjoyment, though I'm also not a big fan of the RTS genre. If you're open to both, I think it simply comes down to what you are most in the mood for.

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Lets say both games are equally as good but for different reasons, nothing alike. Black Friday is not that far off. And X-com is not a super high profile franchise for most gamers. I expect it to be on sale for 35 bucks. and 40 bucks on regular sales throughout the holiday shopping season. 3D land is not going down in price at any time. Look at regular DS games like New Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart DS. Still 35 bucks.

So if you are gonna get both anyway, get 3D land now and X-Com later as it will surely be cheaper. Thats my plan. Though I plan on getting a 3DS bundle of some sorts during Black Friday.

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XCOM now, because it has people online at the moment, but make sure to get 3D land at some point, that game is fantastic!

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3D land is fucking incredible So get it right now!

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Just buy XCOM, and revel in the pleasure that you supported an amazing entry in an increasingly rare genre.

Ok coming down from my pedestal now.

edit: but yeah, XCOM's got length, depth and shittons of replay value, if those are your primary concerns.