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Poll: Ya'll like steam keys? (97 votes)

Free games! 68%
Naw. 32%

Snapshot - HJ49A-XA6PC-MZLZG

Cave Story+ - NAN7V-I04ED-ZHT9Z

Basement Collection - YI97W-W6Q3R-Q4027

Offspring fling - XBBCG-5WQZZ-TEIQD

Trine 2: Complete: P34BM-WTFYH-ZHXCT

Mark of the Ninja - BBPLT-X98XY-Z8PEV

Ets Munchies : 7JV5-1FO9-HNPI-0KRU


Rocketbirds: CI7H2-F6M7F-ZVD58

A virus named Tom: GAG6F-3E5HK-T5KYP



Super Meatboy, Lone Survivor, and Braid: YHBNR-VD4EY-9FWPD

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Thanks for mark of the ninja. I've been wanting to play it for a long time but you know, I had taco time and so that was that

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I snagged Offspring fling, thanks!

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Bastion taken. thanks!

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Got Limbo. Thanks.

#6 Posted by DFL017 (126 posts) -

I took Trine 2. Thanks a lot!

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Thank you kindly for that last one, looking forward to playing Lone Survivor and didn't have the other two!

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I took nothing!

#9 Posted by Optix12 (611 posts) -

I read this as "yall ready for this"

#10 Posted by Xeiphyer (5601 posts) -

That reminds me, I have some extra keys for some games too. ROUND 2 BEGIN!

Trine 2 Complete - V5PKW-LRTVK-FZFBQ

Brutal Legend - ZN4PX-WIAMH-RCMG7


Rocketbirds - HT8V4-H6WXN-M0Z39

A virus named TOM - 4VL87-CVDG8-Y2YPL


Bastion - NM2D9-GH04W-BK9R2

Awesomenauts - K5IC0-9HDTI-K3GFT

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War - 7T7GR-65XH3-0X7HG

Tiny and Big in Grandpa's Leftovers - EGEN8-PLBM4-N790A

English Country Tune - C5G5V-CLQ05-485AA

Intrusion 2 - IP5CH-XY2YC-YLX8T


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Thank you but all keys are grabbed, especially Supermeatboy :(

#14 Posted by csl316 (8354 posts) -

Those are great games even when they're not free!

#15 Posted by Gantrathor (204 posts) -

Why am I never on when these sorts of things are posted. *Frowny Face*

#16 Posted by GreggD (4486 posts) -

'Course ya do!

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You posted this while I was away doing productive things! :(

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FREE GAMES! ...for people who redeem those keys faster than me.

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Just saw this,was in bad with temperature :)

#20 Posted by mennis (1 posts) -

How do you get the keys? They're all used!

#21 Posted by Dalai (7016 posts) -

@mennis said:

How do you get the keys? They're all used!

You have to travel back in time to when the topic was created and hope for the best. Since time travel hasn't been invented yet, you're out of luck.