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Sorry if this thread is already somewhere, couldn't find it, and I'm so excited about this awesome shirts.

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Awesome stuff, have you decided where you are going to wear them yet?

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I wore the "China don't care" out to get some food earlier, no reaction. My friend laughed at least.

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My shirts arrived today! I am very proud of my GerstMannia Tee, because I love the "Ratt Fink" styled Gerstmann shirt with realistically depraved-looking with bulging, bloodshot eyes, an oversize mouth with pointy white teeth, and the classic Bomb insignia.

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My shirt arrive today! just have to get out of work to get it!

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Finally got my shirts yesterday! Wore my CDC shirt to my classes today, no reactions. I guess folks at my Uni are just used to tshirts with random phrases on them.

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Got my future one and watched the Bears game in it then slept in it to break it in!

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Have not gotten my 2013 shirt yet. :/

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Forgot I had the "Fuck Ryan Davis" shirt on for a second when I walked into a Papa Murphey's. Man I felt trashy as hell.

The shirt works.

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Still waiting on my selection of 5(?) shirts, very excited.

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Got mine today.

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I got my 2013 member tee a couple of days ago. Haven't had any where to go in a few days so I haven't worn it(or any shirt for that matter.)

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Got my member shirt, I was tempted to go for CHINA DON'T CARE but I can't stand that disgusting pink.

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Still waiting for my goddamn Giantbomb shirt, it's been like two months, I have been checking the mail every day. :'(