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Going through my old crap in the loft last week I found my old Sega Saturn. I was thinking of all the games I had for it; Fighting Vipers, Golden Axe The DuelVirtua Cop, Virtua Fighter 2, Panzer Dragoon 2 and The Legend of Oasis. All classics i'm sure you'll agree. I can vaguely remember one game but for the life of me I can't recall it's name.

  • You controlled a spaceship
  • Fully 3D
  • You collected different combinations of gems to get different weapons. Air to Surface missiles, Air to Air missles are the only ones I can remember but i think there was a laser as well.
  • I remember it being devilishly difficult but that could have just been the mad skills of my younger self.
Can anyone give me a hand here? I'm racking my brains trying to think of it.
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Radiant Silvergun?

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No it wasnt that. More of an aerial combat game then a schump.

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