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 EDIT- I posted this on the Shadow o't Colossus page n it glitched off.  

I was checkin out this page jus now and he's called Wander all the way down as if that's his name.
I guess that's what he's labelled as in the credits but I've never thought of him as Wander. He's just the guy or the player or the protagonist or me. They never mention his name in-game, so to me that means you're not supposed to know.
Like- I guess the guy in Bioshock is TECHNICALLY called Jack Ryan, but I'd never describe the game as "You play as Jack Ryan". You just play as a guy. Actually I just checked; they name him all over the Bioshock page aswell. I'm really not into this idea of naming unnamed protagonists.
Anyone else?
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It's not like you ever need to know his name.

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I just checked my Shadow of the Colossus manual.  The credits call him "Wander" as a proper noun.  So, it's not like people just made it up.

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I remember I was writing a comic book of my own back in the day and the lead's name was Wander, SoTC came out like a month later and I raged a little inside.

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I think he's called "Wanda" in the Japanese version. As for named unnamed protagonists. I don't have much of an opnion on it to be frank. Whenever I see their name all I think is "Oh."

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@I_smell said:
" I'm really not into this idea of naming unnamed protagonists.  Anyone else? "
Well, they're not really unnamed then...
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I played Wanda in a college mates media project in which he recreated a scene from Shadow of the colossus - by coincidence i look just like his polygonal self ^_^ -  true story 

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By the way how does anyone know the name of the guy in Persona 4? That's another thing that allways annoyed me.

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Can't remember the whole story anymore. Something about him being Wanda in Japan, Wander everywhere else, short for the wanderer. Not that big of deal really. I mean, the game developers had to call him something during development, right? Name probably just stuck. So yeah, go ahead and call him whatever you want. You're allowed.

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@I_smell: Read the page for the answer to your P4 question.
To quote "the official name given to him in the magna"
And it's easier to reference a character by name.
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@SJSchmidt93 said:
" Agro! "
This... is all that matters.
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@I_smell: He has no official name, but the manga calls him Souji Seta. Therefore, everyone else does. Except for those who call him Charlie.
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" @I_smell:  To quote "the official name given to him in the magna" "
Yeah that sounds pretty official, I can accept that. 
 Side note: I like how they named the guy in Monkey Island- Cos he didn't have a name for most of the game's development and he wasn't called anything. All the game's sprite files ended in .brush though, and the protagonist's sprite sheet was called guy.brush. They eventually wrote it into all the dialogue that he was called Guybrush.
I don't know where his second name came from, but I thought that was funny.
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For Shadow of the Colossus, I agree. The name is never mentioned (except possibly in the manual?), but that game would be no different if the Wander/Wanda name wasn't attatched to the lead. BioShock, on the other hand, the whole concept of Jack's origin is pretty central to the story. The only reason he's never named in game (or early game at least) is because the surname would probably clue you onto one of the game's big twists.

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I always just assumed his name was Mario.