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First of all it's a mini, so you can take it on the go, or blow it up on your PS3. Whatever floats your banana boat. Second, I think the price alone makes it less of a novelty to a must "quick-look". I have not played it yet, but I dont' hear bad things. Hysteria Project is a horror game, but together with the FMV aspects I think this deserves GB's full attention, especially as quick-looks are concerned. I mean, we're talking about a game that is full of FMV, it IS FMV.  EFF EM VEE. That alone grabbed my attention, being that I haven't played one of these types of games in... many years.
If my watch is correct Hysteria Project should be out right now in U.S. and Europe.  
From EU PS blog:

Hysteria Project is a groundbreaking gaming experience where you are the hero of an entirely filmed adventure. Keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and make the right choices at the right time. Have you got the guts to be next on the list?


 Edit: Apparently this was an iphone game which has now become a mini.  

What say you GB?

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Choose your own adventure?
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@RoujinX: It seems like it's an adventure game, not quite sure.
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Wow, it's really a mini? I wonder how long it is. Yeah it'd be cool to see a QL of this.

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I don't have any full-FMV experience myself, but I'd love to see this game in action. Especially with the staff behind the wheel.

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OH I believe this would explain better. Like this... but now and... better? Adjectives lose all meaning at this point.