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If you were a boss in a video game. What would your theme and boss battle music be?



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What else could it be but this?

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You are all wrong if it is not this

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Probably this:

It's a flash game.

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Hell yes

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Would most definitely be this, with horns blaring, busting ear drums.

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I don't know what my battle would be, but my theme music would be the same that I'm going to have at my funeral as my body burns on a floating funeral pyre into the ocean: the theme from the end of Terminator 2.

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My theme would be an organ fugue I composed about 9 years ago. My battle music would be the rock remix of that fugue that my friend composed.

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It would be a menacing remix of the main theme.

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what else other than a planet consuming parasite(lavos)

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The right answer, obviously.

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I'd be one of those villains whose not actually evil, but just incredibly self interested, and finds himself in a situation where the main parties goals conflict with my own, and eventually I'd fall not to them, but due to my own hubris. So maybe some Rufus Shinra type music.

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My main theme as an evil space stealth fighter:

And for my battle music some goodness from the same game:

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Also holy shit at that Rundas boss theme, I forgot how great that was. Probably the only thing I like about Metroid Prime 3.

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@AlexanderSheen said:

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Well, since Battle For Everyone's Souls is taken...

I could live with this:

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@TheSlothKing: 11/10 You win. Thread over.

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It'd probably just be a constant brown note, making me completely invincible to any and all. It'd be like Dark Souls, but shittier.

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@Icicle7x3: Good taste.
I slightly prefer this mix, which would be my boss theme.
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I want two.


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It's a gimmick fight where I end up fucking myself over, I would basically be the comedic relief tutorialboss.

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@TheSlothKing: That was pretty awesome. Fist Of The North Star is always great.

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This, starting at about 25 seconds. Or maybe more about 35-40 seconds... Either way, fuck yes!