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Any Resident Evil.

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Game over music for the original Earthbound sounds very similar to the music played in the Friday the 13th game while the player explores cabins. 

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@Driadon said:
    It goes with everything! "
Me too.
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There is only one true answer.

#56 Posted by kashif1 (1428 posts) -

the metal gear solid 1 game over music

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@MG1989 said:
Beat me to it :D
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@Helios1337 said:
" Mike Tysons Punchout   
Don't cry Little Helios...you died. Start Training and Make a a comeback.  I like the affirming message of he Mike Tyson Game over, its never truly over.  Just run some more and you can come back from the dead. 
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@MG1989 said:
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I'm sure I could think of a better one, but here was my knee-jerk answer: 

  @Driadon: Ha! Noice.
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Not really game music, but I would like this played at my funeral. 

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  Yea I saw the Alien Wars.  And it wasn't pretty. 
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@SethPhotopoulos said:
Is there any other
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Guess I'm the only one who'd like a space funeral in a video game.

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great choice, inspired me to pick this: 
I heard that in the play its from its actually kind of a silly scene, but it still sounds powerful to me.
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How about some Sega-Sci-Fi-Noir goodness? 

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I know it's not technically a game over theme but it is on the soundtrack to Tony Hawk's Underground 2.
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@MG1989: Wonder-fucking-ful
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@BRNK: I never realised how long that tune is.
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I've heard it so many times.
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Easily this.
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Haven't got a game over tune but game music I'd like to be played over the service is a toss up between:  

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Good night, sweet Prince.  

And right before I die, I'll thank whoever killed me, for now I can finally rest my weary mind. Thank you.... 
#79 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

Well, we all know that funerals are the best place to get laid, so with that in mind:

It'll help you keep rhythm!

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This thread is filled with massive amounts of failure due to the number of people that are incapable of following simple instructions:
This is a Game Over theme:

This is not:
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@Soapy86 said:
This is a great choice.
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This from Banjo-Kazooie, finally got one with the evil laugh.
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The Cave Story game over theme is pretty good, and it repeats over, and over, and over again. It's sure to drive everybody insane at the funeral.

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@HitmanAgent47 said:
Definitely this. 
i was watching a 30 rock where some weird lady was playing this for some guys (i forget the name) funeral. and i started cracking up 
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Not a single dry eye.
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I think this is the most fitting and plausible of all the great themes here, for me at least.   Plus I love The Darkness to death. 
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I think most of the game over themes I like would be appropriate if played on the piano.
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First thing that came to mind.
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I want something happy and upbeat not wrist slitting depressing so I want a song about something we all can enjoy:


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You expect too much from sex; how are you supposed to finish it in seven seconds?
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Not really a game over theme, but I would rather have my death be more of a celebration of life rather than a depressing one.

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Maybe this: 

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+100 Internets if you are able to recognize the song it's based on.
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