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No.. for real I would have beer with each and everyone one of you. The amount of support that has come out from this community is something I have never seen. Everyone feels as though they lost a brother..someone they can relate to, someone they felt they knew on a deep level..a man that could make us all laugh and as it turns out, he could make most of cry as well.


Don't get yourself all down in the gutter, pick your heads up and play some games, talk about games..get something to drink and watch a dumb action something because that is what Ryan would have wanted. I never met the man but I know it to be true.


That is what we say and I'll shout it from the rooftops till my voice cracks out. "Oh Giantbomb? you've never heard of it? ..well sit down and let me tell you about it .. Giantbomb is a website..about video games, star trek, drinking expensive liquor out of paper cups and viewers like me..viewers like you.. you guys.The best bunch of people I have ever seen on the internet.We are standing up and saying " We are here for you" and if you don't agree.. maybe you just haven't been here that long.. this a family brought together over one common interest and right now we are here..for everyone who needs talk and to listen..because you can't stop the bomb.

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I think they know... its going to take awhile... but they know... they wont abandon the GB and what they've all worked so hard to make here, and its not something Ryan would have wanted, he would have wanted them to continue to make the #1 gaming site for news, info and laughs...

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I recant my statement, I would have a beer with all you.. providing I don't have to pay for them all.

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I'll pay for my own beer as long as I get to drink with you duders.

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This is the only game related online community I'm okay with being a part of, and for a good reason. Giant Bomb is a website, about video games, but it's also something of a family. A lot of you fuckers are assholes to the nth degree, but I wouldn't trade those assholes for any other website's denizens. Not a single one.

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I don't even drink, but I'd have a beer with each and everyone of you duders.

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I'm making it a point to go to PAX East this coming year. And there will be a round on me.