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Hello there! Looking good today. Been working out? You smell nice too.

Yes, it's another person trying to make games. I've been working on a game for quite some time now. I really enjoy doing it but games are meant to be played, and it would be wonderful with some feedback. So I'm finally moving it out of my small, dark abode and onto the world wide network of opinions. It's called Robob and is a platformer, where movement is limited to forward and strafing movement, much like Skyroads if anyone remembers that great game? I'm going for a similar level structure with short levels with different tiles/platforms having different mechanics - think bouncy, slowing, that sort of thing. The game follows Robob on his mission to find an energy source to power his robot buddies. To do this he must travel across different coloured galaxies, coincidentally a pretty good way to structure levels. Currently there are two galaxies with eight levels in each. You won't find any attempts at a deep level system, a complex choice system or an inventory full of cheese wheels. It's meant to be fun arcade platforming, but of course with the purpose of helping out our robot hero.

Some of the things I'm going for:

  • Speedy platforming and short levels without the need for checkpoints.
  • Difficulty: Quite hard but should always feel doable.
  • Introducing gameplay elements in-game and intuitively (in lack of a less buzzwordy word, ugh) without the need for text.
  • Story scenes at the end of each galaxy using a sequence of images.
  • Minimal in-game HUD/GUI - e.g. showing Robob's speed on his backpack. Unfortunately in the web version a menu in the corner is needed because the esc key exists fullscreen.

Obviosuly bear in mind that it's a work in progress, so for instance instead of the quite placeholdery backgrounds imagine more diverse imagery of spectacular spaceness.

It made the final of a student game dev contest and is playable here [BIG FAT LINK TO GAME]. It should work with an Xbox controller once you're in the actual level if you prefer that. If you feel like voting for one of the games please do (don't worry, you'll receive zero emails if you untick the box), but I'm also just very interested in your thoughts. Anything really, but some of the things I've thought about are:

  • Overall feel. Potential?
  • Level structure and playing the game: Do you know what's going on?
  • Controls: Does it feel like it's you or the game making mistakes?
  • Difficulty: Balancing frustration and challenge isn't easy, some have found the levels a bit too hard in places I think.

A penny for your thoughts. Or at least an internet high-five and you'll be my new best friend and I'll love you for ever and ever. Thanks.

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Flattery will get you everywhere

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Dude, fuck yes. I've been trying to remember Skyroads for some time now. I'll be sure to check out your game later tonight and leave some feedback.