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I Need To Go To The Toilet

You play as a man that needs to go to the toilet, but is instead writing a stupid post on a forum...

Based on a true story?

It's based on a true story that happened to a friend of a friend of a friend of mine.

I have a game for you - Don't Shit Your Pants

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Family Fantasy VII - a roleplaying game featuring a family, destined to save the world.

Dragon Pants - you are the owner of the mystical dragon pants, passed on generation after generation from the legendary black shinobi, killer of the vicious peruvian demon Kyakualuamuatutu. You had a fight with your girlfriend, and she stole them and took them to their parents house. As a ninja in undies you have retrieve your legendary trousers. The only problem is her family is the infamous Boss family, a famous vile family of kingpins, having crushed many would be heroes, like Mike Haggard, Ryu Hayabusa and even Ken Masters. All this with a time limit! Make it or lose the pants forever!

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Space Bitches in Rome - sex, sandals and laser swords in the heart of the Empire. You are the Space Bitches! Futuristic Historical turn-based sexy fun for all the family! Rated R.

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It's exactly what you think it is. I made it in about a week with a shareware game creator kit. Now pay me.

-edit; holy shit, there's already a game called pixelvania.

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" You're a game designer; What's the title of your game?" is the name of my game.

It's a 4X space flight and economy simulator game. The hook is that space is actually CYBERSPACE! and your commodities are ideas for video games that you need to physical transport from computer to computer via the dangerous INTERWEB, which is a nefarious system of tubes you have to navigate through.

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Assault Something Something Ops: Revelations

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Samba De Hobo Beatdown

Samba themed beat 'em up akin to Final Fight/Streets of rage.

Boobsball: Extreme

Extreme action baseball, but with genetically enhanced female players.

Also, lets not forget my trilogy series Person Shooter. First game in this trilogy is called

1st Person Shooter,followed by 2nd Person Shooter and finally a 3rd Person Shooter. Gameplay is derived from the title (except the second one is a Japanese RTS).

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Ultimate Horseshoe Manager 20XX. You manage your very own Horseshoe team in the cutthroat world of the International Horseshoe League.

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Def Jamtasy VII

A rap battle RPG wherein you must unite an East and West torn apart by the Rap Wars.

Shut down the thread. Nobody can beat this.

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Role Playing Game: The RPG

You are a player at a tabletop RPG meetup. You must follow your character's adventure as they follow their character's adventure and see what twists unfold as they watch what twists unfold. You can place your stats in Charisma (used to try talking the game master into things), Intelligence (allows you to use skills such as purposefully misinterpreting one of the game's rules to allow yourself to do something you shouldn't, or to stop someone from doing something they should be allowed to do), Dexterity (for a chance at cheating your rolls), and Patience (when your patience is depleted, your character gives up the game and leaves to do something else with their Saturday, giving you a game over).

I would actually play this.

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Pokemon Red 2

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The Ink of War:

Collect yakuza-style back tattoos, Pokemon style. You transform into the animal displayed on the tattoo and battle other back tattoo animal people. Brilliant.


Fight sharks.

At the end you find out that your father was a shark.

Sunset Samurai:

Isometric action game about two continents at war. The west continent represents North America, and it's soldiers are cowboys. The east continent represents Asia, and it's soldiers are samurai.

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The Game of Thrones.

Online multiplayer game, 4-8 players (playtesting will determine how many) thrown into a overview of Westeros and given a family at random. Your goal is to Conquer the Iron Throne, each player doesn't know which family is AI controlled or player controlled. The mechanics would be similar to Crusader Kings and maybe a bit of Mount and Blade. Your typical match would be faster than a Crusader Kings, altering of mechanics would be necessary to make it faster but still have the options. Possibly no offsprings, or if you do die you lose your claim to the throne and must pick a surviving player to support.

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Vagrant Souls

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Def Jamtasy VII

A rap battle RPG wherein you must unite an East and West torn apart by the Rap Wars.

Why hasn't this happened yet!?

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Cooking Evolved

Master Chef and A.I Companion Riff Raff, must battle against Alien covenant and the Flood of wack Mc's in order to save the universes. YOLO!

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Hot Damn, That's Way Too Much Butter: Basically Cooking Mama, but with an almost disturbing emphasis on butter.

Tom Clancy's FreeCell: Again, basically Cooking Mama, if Cooking Mama were a card game.

Cuisine Matriarch: Nothing at all like Cooking Mama. More like Pac-Pix meets Hexen 2.

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Why Do I Live? is a retro-styled 2D puzzle-platformer with roguelike elements.

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All The Reckonings

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"CumCooter" A name that is a play on words and sounds like "Computer." It will by my 1990's style porn FMV game in a universe like Tron.

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Point Zero

Point Zero is a generational god game played from multiple camera views ala Spore.

As an astronaut that has gone into space on a solo mission to discover the outer reaches of our galaxy in the year 2050, you find yourself reaching the end of the galaxy and meeting God. In meeting God, he asks you to go through his creations and fix errors that he made which harm the elegance of his grand design (the platypus, the male scrotum, and many other things). You have to start from scratch with each of these creations, and once you have completed them, you must add them into the galaxy's timeline (which God can see the entirety of). However, where you insert them and how you insert them could lead to butterfly effects occurring throughout the rest of the timeline, leading to new creations that you must start over with.

Can you keep the timeline from becoming completely unstable and thus leading to a perfect galaxy, or will you muck things up so bad that you have to start the entire universe from scratch?


Tell me you wouldn't fucking play it.

*P.S. - All of this is poor man copywritten.

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(the platypus, the male scrotum, and many other things).

Like the female scrotum?

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(the platypus, the male scrotum, and many other things).

Like the female scrotum?

What if you could intrinsically redesign it to BE a female scrotum, thus causing a massive unhinging in the universe that would finally make it acceptable to be transgender? What if that one thing is the key to total world equality in the mind hive?

Think of the possibilities.

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It actually means Computer but a Spider-Man Peter Parker story.

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It's a rap RPG where you start from da streets and go on a motherfucking rap quest to become the realest motherfucker ever plus the soundtrack is all the rap music ever and if you can plug in a mic you can do the rapping, you can even become best friends with the RZA

Edit: Didn't notice VGK's post but def jamtasy sounds rad, too