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I'm curious to see how you guys and gals have your rooms or living spaces setup for playing video games. Mine is pretty plain and simple.

No, I do not have a console setup. My ps3 is broken. My ps4 will be there when I have it!

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It's just a desk with a bunch of stuff on it. It's all quite organized, usually. It's always got a PC, Xbox, Wii, a small monitor, a TV, and a laptop on it. My brother and I switch the PS2, PS3, and 360 around. I just have a regular computer chair that I bought from Office Max or Depot, forgot which one, to sit in.

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Ps3 is below my foot and that's a pillow on the bottom of the photo, there is a PC tower behind the heater hooked up to a 32 inch tv on the dinner table but is hooked up to the 42 inch tv to play some GB vids

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Pretty week setup I have going. Got a 37 inch Vizio, my PS3 is standing on the left of it. Got my nephews sofa chair on my brothers storage thing (That's my cousin by the way) because I have no comfortable chair to sit and game on so this does the job. I have the PS3 wireless headset also and my vidja game statues on my bureau to the right. (Bisochok Infinite, Max Payne 3, God of War Ascension, AC3)

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@lord_xp: Yours is rather elaborate next to my own. I just have my consoles hooked to the living room TV and stuff on my laptop(yours looks strikingly similar to my own!). I wish I had a cool little laptop desk like that, but I just pull mine out and onto the couch.

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Since I don't have a monitor, my pc is currently hooked up to my 50" Plasma. Great for games; everything else, not as much. And yes, I do have way to many posters.

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Laptop / 24/7GB

sectional couch for the homies/gaming command center

stupid brother

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a bit blurry and a somewhat temporary station for when i play console games.

and secondary ps3 and pc, again a temporary station while waiting for my second monitor, since the other one took a nasty fall a few days ago

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Just fixed the front drawer, and got a wristrest.

Looking to gets some KRK Rokit's soon

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Man, many of you are gamer ass gamer. Damn! I'm impressed.

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My setup is in my room and there isn't a lot of room so it's kind of boring. Sorry for the shit camera quality, my phone sucks.

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Tiny room; a big TV. My Mac is close by and hooked up with HDMI and I play PC games with bootcamp on that screen. It's a PS3 peeking behind that cabinet. My games and wireless headphones are behind the TV.

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I wish I took a pic of what my old setup was. I had a HD pvr, ps3 headset, laptop, and with all that stuff it was a huge mess of wires. Thats why I changed it. My ps3 is broken so I took that out. Organized my headset wires. Getting rid of my hdpvr as well. Making everything tidy now.

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you guys sit wayyyy to close to your tv's...

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PC is on the right of my TV and consoles but can't get it the same shot.

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Ahhh...the lap of luxury. Yes, I'm set up outside

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Just moved back from Europe. I need to buy a second desk...

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@frankfartmouth: That is an amazing setup! Do you get really bad glares on those dark games? Or do you just play non-dark games.

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Main setup, 32" TV, Sony Home Theater in-a-box, I dual boot my MacBook Pro for PC games, the dual monitor setup on the right was my pc setup through college. This is all crammed into my bedroom in a townhouse that my brother and I live in. Apology in advance about my Wavebird controller... it has all its buttons. Sorry.

Next is a 32" old tv that is used for Wii, NES, SNES, PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

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Note: Beer fridge behind me as I took this photo.