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<p>Since brad go himself a new iPhone there have been more quick looks up for iOS games. Now I don't know if someone has stared a forum topice on this but since there are a lot of iOS games in the App Store I was woundering what where some of your guys favorite iPhone iPad games and what games do you think the guys should look at.</p>

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"The War of Eustrath" I cant recommend this game enough. Its Fire Emblem with robots and a charming Engrish translation.

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Final Fantasy Dimensions is a blast so far. As is Final Fantasy III. The Walking Dead is great. Infinity Blade II is definitely awesome looking. Minecraft Pocket Edition is great fun, and You Don't Know Jack is pretty good. GTA III and Vice City are must buys.(all on iPad for me...I don't play much on my iPhone anymore).

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Before going to bed I listen to podcasts while playing the EA Sudoku game.
The free games I really like are Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run 2, and Into The Dead.
Some paid games I like are Magic: The Gathering 2013, NFS: Most Wanted (it's on sale right now for like $0.99 as well as all the other EA games), and I just got this game called Neuroshima Hex Puzzle which is based on the board game Neuroshima Hex (they also have that on the Appstore) but it just has 100 scenarios where you have to win in 1 round. I actually find it way more fun to play than the board game itself (probably would've been even better if the 2 apps were combined) since I don't really have anyone else around me that likes board games and I don't have the patience to play it online.

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Emulators on IOS (ipad) are probably the only things i use when gaming on my ipad.

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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

Mr. Driller

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10000000 is awesome, as is Super Hexagon, Hero Academy, and Plague Inc.

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BSwift is my most favorite iOS game

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