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I like drawing, and I usually draw video game characters. As I'm drawing them I usually I spend A LOT of time looking at the character and thinking about them.

Recently I was drawing Vaas, and I was thinking about his character, and how incredible his performance was!

I was just wondering whether you guys have a favourite video game character, and why?

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Just one favorite, wow a tough one.

I'll just say Cloud Strife for now, just because I haven't got to play as Noctis from FFXV yet. :p

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lol is there really not another favourite Video Game character thread?

Well, currently, it's Jaguar Javier. My all time favourite? Solid Snake, fo sho.

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Xemn, definately.

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I think it's Solid Snake- though Max Payne 3 era Max Payne may be close.

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lol at first I thought you said Vaan and I was like "dude really"

Uh... off the top of my head I'd guess Kaine, Erica, or the entire cast of Binary Domain? I can't pick just one.

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lol is there really not another favourite Video Game character thread?

Dude.There isn't. Therefore...this is the OFFICIAL favourite video game character thread.

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Kefka. Because he's The Joker.

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Definitely Vaas!!!

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Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate

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Red Savarin from Solatorobo

Because he is a cocky badass with the skills to back up his confidence

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Face Mcshooty.

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the super mahrio brothers

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@unilad: Crash Bandicoot. Why? because I have fond memories of playing all the Crash Bandicoot games when I was younger.

You should draw me a Crash Bandicoot avatar! :) that would make me pretty damn happy.

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Tobi, poor guy.

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Kratos, Snake/Big Boss, Geralt from Witcher ( even though he's from a book ). Raziel and Kain.

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Felicia from Darkstalkers

I wrote about it in one my dumb lists so I won't repeat it all here, but, her appearance aside, my appreciation (like? love?) for her essentially boils down to the fact I find her personality infectious for some odd reason. She's a fighting game character so her depth only goes but so far, but still. She's just a fun character that clicked with me like very few characters ever have. Meh, go figure.

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I can't choose just one! Top 3 tho:

Garrus: his voice , demeanor and loyalty sealed him as my favorite squadmate in all of ME.

Alucard: having all the powers of his father and yet being just really stand out to me. His voice in the original SotN is so badass I still get chills when I hear the line he delivers when you defeat Dracula's true form.

Dante: something about these sons of demons is just really cool. I'm more partial to the DMC1 incarnation but I absolutely love his design in 2. Yes, the game is whatever but he looked so badass they used that version in SMT: Nocturne. He's cocky, throws around one liners, and dual wields pistols while spiraling through the air. In essence, he's the ultimate cliche action movie hero.

Honorable mentions: Big Boss and Ocelot, Auron from FFX, Nathan Drake, Vega and Guy from SF, and King and Armor King from Tekken.

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Off the top of my head, in no order:

Kanji - Persona 4

Ellie - The Last of Us

Geralt - The Witcher

Actually finding it pretty hard to articulate why right now, but those three are definitely strong contenders.

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Lara Croft, after all these years. She's strong, smart, and kind of insane.

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Kain - Legacy of Kain series

Solid Snake - Metal Gear series

Max - Sam & Max series

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Either James Sunderland, Travis Touchdown or Andrew Ryan. This year i've been a big fan of pretty much everyone in The Last of Us, as well as quite a few of the characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening (Donnel, Virion, Panne and Chrom as standouts). And while i'm aware this isn't a debut for them, this year i've gotten into Animal Crossing and really like Kapp'n and Tom Nook.

In general I find it more effective to discuss a good cast of characters in games rather than one in particular, as one well-written character usually indicates a well-written game in general. With that in mind, I made this list which you may find interesting.

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Nathan Drake, because he's a slightly sassier Indiana Jones and I'm a big fan of Indiana Jones.

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Charlie Tunoku

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A lot of my favorite games don't have really fleshed out characters as main characters, or enable you to make your own (i.e. Arcanum, Elder Scrolls, Saints Row etc.)

That said, I would probably go with Sam Fisher, over 47 from Hitman, Kazuma Kiriyu from Yakuza and Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, even though I'm a bigger fan of Hitman games than I am of Splinter Cell games overall.

My favorite supporting characters would be Iwazaru from killer7, Dusty from Medal of Honor (2010) and Beckett from Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

And as for villains? SHODAN from System Shock, Ming Xiao from Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines and Blackmore from The Suffering.

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Ugh, choosing just one is a nightmare.

I think I have to go with GLaDOS. Such an iconic, well written character.


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I'll pick 3

Raziel (LoK), The Nameless One (PS:T) and Samus .

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Ezio Auditore da Firenze, of the top of my head. Honourable mentions to Big Boss and Joel from The Last of Us.

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Solid Snake who unfortunately didn't get enough game time before that old bugger and Raiden took his place.

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Fall-from-grace, A succubus that has devoted her life to go against her own nature and created a brothel for intellectual fullfilment rather than one of the flesh. Judged by many, understood by few. While I'm at it I'll just say that most of planescape: torments major characters are great. The nameless one may very well also be the most interesting main character in a game ever.

Kanji Tatsumi, probably the most likeable guy in all of gaming. I really enjoy P4's cast, but out of all of them, there's no beating Kanji.

And... Wrex, Tali and Garrus from mass effect. Maybe Zaeed too, he was awesome.

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T block. I block can clear the most lines at once, sure, but T block is always there to cover for you.

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I think the best video game character is Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition. But he's not my favourite... No, my favourite is far shallower and less defined than Francis.

The Turks

Reno the Turk, from Final Fantasy VII is my favourite character in all of video games. He's on the far right. I like everything about him - his personality, his design, and the way he is presented as an opponent within FFVII ensure he is unforgettable. Having him appear in Advent Children with such a big role was a real treat. Unfortunately I haven't played or seen any other FF7-related content.


As far as runners up, I would have to say Shinon the Sniper from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel. Again, his design, personality, and his interactions with the company he has makes me utterly adore him. He is the opposite of boredom.

Illidan Stormrage

The final runner up would be Illidan Stormrage as he appeared in Warcraft 3 and its expansion. Fantastic design, fun story, and a great voice actor all help make this cool character even better. Don't really love what they did to him in World of Warcraft, though.

Looking at the characters, I apparently love men with ponytails. Huh. Posting now before I have any more personal revelations...! (Geralt would be the fourth! Ahhh!)

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The Darkness from The Darkness. Kinda joking, but kinda not. But kinda joking I think.

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