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Everything is out, it's that time of year. What is your personal Game of the Year? Mine is Mass Effect 2. I can't recall any game that I truly invested in in the universe. I mean, I actually know all the races and major characters of the series and motivations. I almost want a coffee-table encyclopedia for Mass Effect. Miranda was kind of a bitch, but fuck her. Mass Effect 2 was well-produced and a truly memorable experience. 
A close second is Halo Reach. That game encapsulated everything that is great about that series and arguably had one of the most bad-ass endings of the year.

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I agree that Mass Effect 2 was a great experience. I'm leaning towards Fallout: New Vegas, though. I've gotten so many hours of entertainment out of that game, and I know there will be DLC to keep me coming back.

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I've flipped-flopped a lot and as usual I've spent a good part of the year playing older games but I think it's finally final:
Red Dead Redemption for me.

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Red Dead Redemption. 
Besides the slow paced shit slide during Mexico, it's single player was incredible. Memorable characters, typical R* quality writing and voice acting and improved upon the general shooting from GTAIV in spades. 
The multiplayer has also been riotously addicting for me and kept me heading back into RDR for months. I've only now decided to give the game a break, but I'll no doubt head back in again sometime down the road. 
Here be my current list for my top 10 games of 2010 also. Haven't finished it yet though - still need to decide on two more to finish it with.

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As of right now, it's a toss up between Alan Wake, Limbo and Mass Effect 2. I plan on replaying each of these games by Jan 1 and hopefully have a final decision. Twas a fun year of vidja games!

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Mass effect 2 is my Goty 

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Starcraft 2, just because of MP. I actually don't even like the SP.

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Red Dead Redemption. I just hated ME2's main story, so disappointing. Red Dead's open world was just amazing, it managed to make plains and deserts engaging as hell and John Marston is the best protagonist of this year, by far. 

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This thread is already exists and I said Mario Galaxy 2 and Mass Effect 2 in a dead heat.  What can I say, I like games where the overworld is a spaceship you pilot around the universe. 

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Super Mario Galaxy 2, just epic man, just epic.

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Red Dead Redemption.  I had way too much fun with that game, and the DLC was all quality.

Close runner up is AC2 and AC: Brotherhood.  REAL CLOSE.

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Fallout: New Vegas or Fable 3 or The Monkey Island 2 Remake.

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Very hard choice seeing as their were a lot of great games released this year.

I think I would go for Mass Effect 2 as well. Great story/characters and a really interesting universe. 

Red Dead Redemption, AC Brotherhood are runners up.

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Mass Effect 2 for me, Epic Steve, but I can understand Red Dead Redemption being GOTY for a lot of folks.

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Super Mario Galaxy number 2, sudden gravity changes ftw

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@AndrooD2 said:

" Mass Effect 2 for me, Epic Steve, but I can understand Red Dead Redemption being GOTY for a lot of folks. "

Red Dead was very well produced, it just lost me half-way through.
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Darksiders, but ME2, Reach, and RDR are real close.

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StarCraft 2
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StarCraft 2. 
I'm not even good at that game and I love it. 

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Mass Effect 2.
Words cannot begin to describe the emotion I felt playing it.
Red Dead Redemption, Halo Reach, Metroid Other M and Mario Galaxy are great runners ups tho.

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If i could choose one experience to relive for the first time again this year, my answer is immediately  Heavy Rain, so i guess that would have to make it my GOTY

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SC2 or Red Dead Redemption.

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1st PacMan CE Dx 
2nd Mass Effect 2 
3rd Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
4rd Red Ded Redemption 
special mentions to Mario Galaxy 2 and DeathSpank

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Super Meat Boy

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I've played so much bad company 2 I think it has to be that

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Red Dead Redemption is my GOTY with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on a close second. 

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NBA 2k11 is my favourite

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The world of warcraft: cataclysm beta. I cried manly tears of pure joy when I played it. 
Super Street Fighter IV is a close runner-up.

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i still haven't played too many 2010 releases but out of them all without thinking about it, Just Cause 2. 

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Red Dead Redemption, followed by God of War 3 and Super Meat Boy. 
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Blind fools, Starcraft 2 is obivous choice for game of the year. Obvious GOTY is obvious.

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Either Mass Effect 2, or Red Dead Redemption. I wish I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 though. I find it funny how a lot of critics aren't saying much about Mario Galaxy 2, but they are about Kirby.

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Like everyone else, either mass effect 2, red dead redemption or assassins creed 2

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Halo Reach forsure just because theres so many things you can do in it. 
Red dead in close second. That game came out of nowhere.

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This is a tough year to choose just ONE. My original game of the year was going to be Red Dead Redemption. But man, Nintendo has really upped their game this year. Super Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Donkey Kong Country Returns are all excellent games. But I thnk if I had to pick one, it would be Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Nier, for sure.

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So many great games this year. I might do a blog, like everyone else on this site, honouring the games I enjoyed most.

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Super Stre... Red Dead Redemption.

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Nier or Heavy Rain off the top of my head
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Mass Effect 2. Some other great games out this year too, but nothing even comes close to being as great as that was.

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Read Dead Redemption 

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Starcraft 2.
EDIT: God of War III gets honorable mention.

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Fallout New Vegas but ME2 is very close

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Mass Effect 2.
Followed by Fallout: New Vegas and Super Meat Boy.
 Haven't played Brotherhood yet though, so there's still room for change.

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Everything's out? I still have yet to get Epic Mickey in! Anyway, I'm gonna go with Mass Effect 2. I beat the first one a couple a months before the sequel, so that really helped me appreciate the universe more. 

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Red dead, also loved Alan Wake.