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Last year, I made some poor decisions with respect to the video game I bought. New full-priced video games, where I live, are sort of expensive and games barely drop in price after release. Most video games sell for approx. $70 and the popular ones, such as FIFA, Call of Duty and GTA could go for $80. So this year I decided to be well, more prudent, and try to wait for games that I'm not so sure about to go on sale. That said, I think I made better informed decisions this year, and I reasonably enjoyed the games I bought.

Anyway, I was just curious:

  • On the whole, are you satisfied about your gaming-related purchases this year?
  • Is it because you spent less or because the games you bought were better and provided more value for what you spent?
  • What were the best deals you've got this year?
  • What games do you regret buying this year?

I look forward to reading your responses.

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- Pretty satisfied about my gaming-related purchases this year and its all thanks to steam and their great sales.

- I spent less money and got more value for what I spent(steam)

- Don't remember my best deal, but it was a on the steam summer sale or another one of those

- I bought Sim City on release......what the hell was I thinking ARGGHH. I mean hell you get more value out of buying 60 dollars worth of shitty tequila

I thing I really learned this year is to not pre-order your games and just wait a while to for the patches e.g the shitty launches of Rome 2 and BF4

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Is it bad that I bought so many games that I just don't remember which ones I bought this year? Mainly on sale and all online. Yay no tax.

The one thing I could've considered a bad purchase was my PS4 but I saved so much money on it because I work a worthless retail job at Target. So that coupon we got offset and saved almost 100 dollars on it.

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I've started only buying used games. Picked up 20 360 games the other day for the price of one new one just off ebay. Made game playing more interesting and I feel much less guilty buying a cheap game and not playing it as opposed to buying a full priced game that I may not like and not playing it. Also part of the reason I'm holding off on getting a new console.

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I only really bought a handful of games at full price, those being GTA V, Bioshock Infinite (with which I got Spec Ops The Line, XCOM EU, and the original Bioshock packed in), and The Last of Us (and Killzone came bundled with my PS4 if you want to count that). Everything else I was okay to wait on. I picked up things like Tomb Raider and Gone Home for like 75% off on steam, as well as tons of pre-2013 games either on sale or in humble bundles for dirt cheap.

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I primarily went hard on a bunch of Steam sales, and while I generally feel good about it, the family sharing thing has resulted in me feeling like something of a pack mule for those I've shared my library with. Everyone just kind of waits for me to buy stuff because they know I'll buy stuff, so I feel like a Game Dealer in a way? I don't know (we're probably kinda/sorta stretching the definitions of "Family" but they are people I trust, I just wish they'd buy more stuff more often). Aside from PC stuff, got a Vita this year, which only made sense because I'm a Playstation Plus subscriber with a fairly large library stored up that I wasn't taking advantage of. Sony is handling that stuff very smartly. That I can claim PS4 titles as a Plus member means I'll probably end up with one of those at some point too, which again, genius use of positive reinforcement.

I made a handful of full-price, 60 dollar purchases as well, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, GTA V, Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Only thing I regret with any of that is buying the first Infinite DLC, that combat-centric thing. Only five dollars but a total waste nonetheless.

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Well I went a little nuts during Gog's summer sale so now my backlog is absolutely huge. And there's been a lot of current gen sales as retailers try to clear their PS3 stock in preparation for the PS4. But I'm pretty satisfied since I managed to acquire a lot of games I wanted to own for a very long time at very good prices.

That being said I'll probably cut back next year as I need to actually get some of these played.