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#51 Posted by _Zombie_ (1462 posts) -

Played Morrowind for 24 hours. To this day, I haven't gotten anywhere near close to breaking that record.

#52 Posted by kaos_cracker (538 posts) -

Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality for 5 hours.....

#53 Posted by miko1222 (209 posts) -

Probably my 10 hour session of Arkham Origins.

#54 Posted by fetchfox (1158 posts) -

I don't want to think about that... but probably something around 10-12 hours.

#55 Posted by SteadyingMeat (634 posts) -

I played Tales of Xillia yesterday for like 8 hours. My longest was Persona 3 the first day I got it, though. I played it for like 11 hours straight with my sister.

#56 Edited by Belgo (36 posts) -

When Cata and Wraith came out for Wow came out. Easy 48+ hours. Almost got realm first gnome but crashed around the 50 hr mark.

#57 Posted by Happenstance (455 posts) -

Probably Minecraft as well. When it first came out I would play it on a server pretty much most of the day.

#58 Posted by Gamer_152 (13974 posts) -

I don't know for sure but I'm certain there must have been a time when I played an MMO for like 16 hours straight.

#59 Edited by Ravelle (1049 posts) -

Champions of Norrath back in the day, starting after lunch and ended when we could hear the first birds chirping on the first glimmer of light.

And more recently a Dokapon Kingdom session that lasted about 12 hours or something.

#60 Posted by Random45 (804 posts) -

What's up with new people bumping threads nearly 2 years old?

Whatever, at least it's an interesting question. To answer it, I believe there was a day back in High School on a Saturday where I spent over 10 hours playing World of Warcraft, just doing quests in Un'goro crater in Vanilla WoW.

#61 Edited by aajf (213 posts) -

@random45 said:

What's up with new people bumping threads nearly 2 years old?

They probably find the threads from google/some other source and make accounts specifically to contribute them, not realising how old they are. I doubt anyone actually searches the forums for these topics and resurrects them.

Anyway, probably Civ 4 and 5 local multiplayer for me. Several 10-12 hour sessions. I played through Bioshock Infinite in two sessions interrupted only by sleep and food, but it was the Xbox version so I don't know my play time. Pokemon Blue and X have probably come close to the 8 hour mark for me too, but those are the games you can play while doing something else so it's not quite the same.

edit - I guess the simplest way to find out why new users bump old threads is to ask them directly. @miko1222, how did you come upon this thread?

#62 Posted by CaLe (3678 posts) -

In my WoW days I woke up after 4 hours sleep and only left my chair to quickly eat or use the bathroom. Probably played 18 hours a day for weeks at a time. Yep, I was a pretty cool dude.

#63 Posted by eatatwhiteys (65 posts) -

Fallout 3, about 24 hrs give or take

#64 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (490 posts) -

I remember a few 8-10 hour Oblivion sessions on the weekend, but I usually don't play for more than 2-3 hours. The absolute longest, though?

In college, my roommate was leaving for the weekend and said I could play whatever I wanted from his 360 collection. I started Fable 3, and played for about 22 hours with a short nap somewhere in the middle. I think I survived on Yoo-Hoos or something, because I don't remember eating anything.

#65 Posted by weegieanawrench (1918 posts) -

I remember plenty of 8-10 hour sessions of several games in the first year or two of me having a 360.

#67 Posted by Fattony12000 (6354 posts) -
#68 Posted by Deranged (1837 posts) -

Oh geez... I don't even know. Probably either Halo 2/3 LAN's or Gears 1 multiplayer. I've had sessions lasting over 12 hours for both O_O

#69 Posted by Guesty_01 (339 posts) -

Played Skyrim for about 5 hours the day it came out. Halo CE and 2 easily done 6 hours, and EverQuest would probably be some 10 - 12 hour stint.

#70 Posted by thatdutchguy (1217 posts) -

Nothing longer than maybe 8 hours or so. I eventually reach a point, especially when it's late at night, where I'm just too tired to carry on.

Yeah, me too.

#71 Edited by JadeGL (609 posts) -

Circumstances really have to align for me to have long game sessions. I work all week and I am married, so both of us have to pretty much be playing something at the same time that we really love or one of us has to be out of the house. Not to say I feel like I need to not play games around my husband, but we kind of remind each other to take breaks, eat, get out of the house, etc. It's a lot easier to be into a game completely if you aren't living with someone. :)

The longest sessions I remember having were with the original Mass Effect and Fallout 3. I played Mass Effect when my husband, then boyfriend, worked the night shift at a seasonal job. I ended up coming home and he would be asleep, so I would clean house, make his "lunch" and then make sure he got ready to leave at 9 pm. After that I would play Mass Effect until 1 or later in the morning. This went on until I beat the game, so a couple of weeks. With Fallout 3, my husband had to go on a family trip and I had to stay home for work. I ended up being alone for about a week. I ended up playing Fallout 3 in all my spare time, no tv, no reading, no internet browsing, just Fallout 3. This was a few months after it came out. I would probably say at least 6 consecutive hours a day for 5ish days, if not more.

Now my longest time is probably only a couple of hours, 3 at the most. I think I did that when the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt was gong on a few months ago. It helped that I was playing co-op with the hubby, so again we were pushing each other along.

#72 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1281 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto: SA. Got it for the PS2, came home, and played it for 13 hours straight. GTA: SA really was a great game.

#73 Posted by DeadpanCakes (494 posts) -

I don't... really know.

I'm currently taking a break from an intensive Super Mario 3D World session and my hands are all fidgety and sweaty.

Though I'm sure the game I've played the longest session of was probably a Monster Hunter game or something. Or maybe Morrowind or Terraria. I don't know, man.

#74 Posted by gaminghooligan (1344 posts) -

FTL played it from 8pm-10am the first day I had it and I've barley touched it since.

#75 Posted by Emoney244 (151 posts) -

24+ hours the day the MEME Expansion came out for Metal Gear Online.. If you don't know, the game warned you after 5 hours every hour to take a break, it went all the way up to 24 hours for me..

#76 Posted by Glottery (907 posts) -

If we leave out WoW and Diablo 2/3 with their insane numbers, then probably...I don't know, Vice City on PC? That was pretty dope. I also remember being pretty mesmerized by God of War 2 and playing it for hours with a few short breaks in-between.

#77 Edited by cbm32 (1 posts) -

I've been gaming my entire life.

#78 Edited by TrulyAlive (897 posts) -

Earlier this year, I accidentally beat MGS4 in one sitting. I think it took just shy of 24 hours.

That shit was dummmmb.

#79 Posted by Tom_omb (229 posts) -

When I was deep into World of Warcraft I'm sure I underwent 8-12 hour sessions. I'm bad at keeping track of time, so I can't say for sure. My attention span isn't long enough to play long sessions generally. WoW is different because it's a world full of distractions to occupy you. A great deal of this time, I'm sure was spent aimlessly jumping around Stormwind and killing squirrels while chatting with friends. The only time I didn't get a night's sleep while playing WoW, or any game, was when I had to deprive my self of sleep for some brain tests the next morning.

#80 Posted by Corvak (567 posts) -

I did a thirty hour marathon session of Final Fantasy VII from start to finish with some friends once.

#81 Posted by Little_Socrates (5649 posts) -

I played Sleeping Dogs for roughly 14 consecutive hours a little over a year ago. I wanna say that's the longest I've played any single game. Persona 4, Rock Band 2, and Super Meat Boy might have comparable session lengths. I played every Mass Effect game for 10 hours straight each time I started one, too.

That is not necessarily how I recommend playing Sleeping Dogs or Super Meat Boy, for what it's worth.

#82 Posted by Dick_Mohawk (368 posts) -

I've done 10 hours straight on Skyrim, but I think I did longer sessions with Elite back on the C64. I have a week off in Feb and I'm thinking of having a monster session during then. Haven't decided on a game yet though.

#83 Posted by Osaladin (2503 posts) -

I think it's a toss up between Civ V, Skyrim, and KotoR. Played for about 10-12 hours.

#84 Posted by darkvare (742 posts) -

i think mine was 11 hours beating resident evil 4 without getting up to poop or get food

#85 Edited by Hunter5024 (5172 posts) -

Me and my friend like to beat games together in one sitting. I don't know where we got the idea that it was feasible to do that with Final Fantasy X, but we got a full 24 hours in before we gave up. I think when we beat it the next day the clock ended up reading something like 32, but we grinded for a while so we probably could've cut that significantly and pushed through the first day.

#86 Posted by BBOYS2231 (145 posts) -

I would say i put in at least a few 12 hour runs in Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. Also put a 12 hour run with a bunch of buddies when Halo 2 and 3 came out.

#87 Posted by Sessh (558 posts) -

24+ hours on both Diablo 2 and Neverwinter Nights at a LAN with friends.

#88 Edited by NTM (7033 posts) -

I don't really like bumped threads, because I don't look at the dates, but then I see my post and it's just... awkward. It's also sad to see what seems like a bunch of people keep posting, unaware that it was a bumped thread. I just feel like it's a waste of time, but I guess not.

#89 Edited by Toastburner_B (131 posts) -

A few years back I was bedridden for a few days, and I had a copy of Persona 3 I hadn't played it. I probably played it 10-14 hours a day for 3 or 4 days straight. Those are the longest play sessions I can remember.

#90 Edited by Fredchuckdave (4479 posts) -

@starvinggamer said:

Probably beating MGS2 the night it came out, then immediately beating it again, in one sitting.

I feel sad for you. Also Necro.

Overall: No clue. I've played 16 hour sessions at least like 75 times in my life though.

#91 Posted by Roger778 (949 posts) -

Well, I game about somewhere between 3-5 hours, during the afternoon, then I take a break for the rest of the day, unless I feel like doing it again late at night.

As for the longest game I've ever played, that honor goes to the Mass Effect trilogy, followed Fallout 3: Game of the year Edition. I played F3 for almost 100 hours.

#92 Posted by StarvingGamer (7560 posts) -

@starvinggamer said:

Probably beating MGS2 the night it came out, then immediately beating it again, in one sitting.

I feel sad for you.

Why would you feel sad for someone playing the 5th best game OF ALL TIME!?

#94 Posted by dobschutz (52 posts) -

@canteu said:

Skyrim for about 40 hours.

Burning crusade for about 65.

These are my longest sessions of note.


*shake hands

#95 Posted by NMC2008 (1168 posts) -

12 hours Final Fantasy XIII

10 Hours Dragon's Crown

#96 Edited by ThatOneDudeNick (310 posts) -

I pulled 22 hours straight when Wrath of The Lich King came out. I was racing my guild leader to 80. I missed server first by seconds as I was saying "Guess whaaaat?!" in /g before turning in my last quest.

My very first time playing Civilization 5 (my first Civ game), I played for 10 hours straight without even using the restroom or getting a snack. Holy cow that game is addictive.

I pulled 8 hours straight on one of my first nights playing Rust.

Other than those, a 4 hour session is what I consider ridiculously long on average.

#97 Posted by MKSKILLZ16 (130 posts) -

Gears of War 1 multiplayer vs. started at 6pm, played til 6am.

#98 Edited by HH (523 posts) -

when i got hooked on Oblivion, when i'd just gotten my first 360, i did a few 18 hour days in a row.

i was living above a corner store and a good indian takeaway at the time, both fiendish enablers.

#99 Posted by LiquidPrince (15606 posts) -

Between 6-8 hours I'd wager to guess playing MGS4.

#100 Edited by Bait003 (28 posts) -

4 days playing FF8 and FF: Tactics and that was the first/last time i rented a PS1 for week.