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I was just playing Minecraft, and accidentally stepped into lava. The sudden appearance of fire all around my vision was surprising, but also kind of horrified me to think of my little miner being burned alive. Of course minecraft has no gore or any screaming, and it wasn't that horrifying in the grand scope of things, but it got me thinking, what is your most 'oh fuck- OH FUCK THAT'S FUCKING MESSED UP" moments from a game?

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After i first realized that people who die in fire emblem are gone for good. Just restarted it all over again.

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Amnesia. All of it.

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My companion dying in Skyrim.

I spent all that time crafting her armor and weapons throughout our time together, then we came up against a skeleton (forgot their game name) horde in a crypt-like area. We struck them all down but when I looked for her I found her body just..lying there..I still can't believe she is gone!!

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@Akeldama said:

Amnesia. All of it.

Yep, every damn minute of it.
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Trying to save the FBI agent in Heavy Rain from getting crushed by the car crusher and failing. oops

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Trying to play Liar with the sixaxis controls.

LOL!!!!! sixaxis... what the fuck were sony thinking

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Haven't had many of those. I can't remember, I'll edit this when I do because I FEEL like I've had those moments.

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Playing Call of Duty and a bunch of dudes were fighting either side of a hallway and a guy on my side got shot and was in last stand. I saw him crawling away and it just got to me that it was just a guy desperately trying not to die. Something about it it just struck me weird and I found it a bit sobering. Kinda dumb I know but I must have been more effected by the current day conflict stuff than I realised.

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Pyramid Head.

Meeting Maria in Silent Hill 2.

Mostly just playing Silent Hill 2.

I cannot wait for the HD release in January.

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Diablo 2 act 5 I put on some good armor and fully healed only upon entering the Ice Cave I get killed with one hit by that demon who wields 2 axes.

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A couple of scenes impacted me in System Shock 2..bad things that happened to good ppl., say like the nurse emoting for all her little ones...or the lady that was raped and killed in that one room who you see later singing in the bar. Or even the transformed crewmen who would sneak in warnings for you to run away or to kill them while they rambled on about the Many.

There has been a few others, and I would have to say that one scene in MW 2 where they kill off a couple of main protagonists..suprised me don't judge...

there have been others....

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When after arriving for the first time at the final boss of Ninja Gaiden, for the NES, was sent all back to the beginning of the last level.

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My most horrifying gaming moment is when my nintendo freaked out and I lost my Wizardy save with all the high level characters I had worked hard to evolve. (if you're too young for wizardy, just imagine a turn based Dark Souls RPG where you had a party and everyone of your characters could experience perma-death / deletion and took a long time to develop).

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When Elena DIDN'T die in Uncharted 2.... :/

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Playing VTM : Bloodlines and slowly walking to the oceanside hotel thinking to myself ''the atmosphere sure is thick around here, this is gonna be epic'' I try to immerse myself and walk slowly to the door when suddenly at the door the right (I think) lamp explodes. It is the only time I remember getting a jump scare in video games.

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The ladder sequence in F.E.A.R.

And in New Vegas, I had a realism mod and a mod where companions died permanently and not in hardcore mode. Had Arcade Gannon with me for most of the game, then we got swarmed and in the midst of the battle, he got shot in the face. I dragged him back to one of my custom houses and buried him there.

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The most "messed up" moment I can think of is while playing Prey. A main motivation that pushes the player along in the game is to find and rescue his girlfriend Jen. Well, he finds her alright, but not in the way you might hope.

She has been grafted to an alien monster that you must kill. This kills her in the process.
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@themartyr said:

Pyramid Head.

Meeting Maria in Silent Hill 2.

Mostly just playing Silent Hill 2.

I cannot wait for the HD release in January.

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Certainly Amnesia, but also realizing that I just died in Skyrim and hadn't saved for about 30 minutes

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When Marston gets plugged with bullets walking out of the barn.

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Noticing that the during a College of Winterhold quest in Skyrim made my items that I kept at the college disappear and having to load up save that was made 4 hours earlier.

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Avoiding the Verdugo in Resident Evil 4 until the elevator arrives.

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When I saw what they did to Dragon Age as a Franchise after seeing Dragon Age 2 for the first time.

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The single biggest scare I've had in gaming is sorta an oldie and maybe one not many people may have seen. It's from Eternal Darkness on the GameCube, the scene where the girl walks into the bathroom and she sees herself dead in the tub. Maybe it was because I was playing it at night with headphones on in a dark room, I dunno what it was exactly, but that one scene was the scariest one moment ever.

As for just the entire game, I couldn't bring myself to continue playing the second Fatal Frame game. Something about playing as someone so vulnerable with just a camera coupled with my natural fear of creepy asian ghosts made it unplayable.

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Being stuck in an empty attic, being stalked by a fucking half-man, half-pig abomination making creepy snorting noises and wielding a goddamn motherfucking chainsaw.

So, the end of Manhunt.  

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Dead Space in general.

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@BaneFireLord said:

When Marston gets plugged with bullets walking out of the barn.

:( :( :(  That made me so sad. 
Watching Amnesia. I could never play that game. I got scared enough just watching it.
Doom 3. That game scared the bejeebers out of me. I didn't sleep for a day or two.
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@BaneFireLord said:

When Marston gets plugged with bullets walking out of the barn.

Damn! I was doing so well at avoiding spoilers until I finally play RDR... I totally don't blame you, as it's been long enough since release, but... DAMN!

Ah well. Since having Human Revolution spoiled for me did nothing to detract from my enjoyment, I've become a little less paranoid about that sort of thing.

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The transformation sequence in Quake 4 was just me saying "I'm gonna be saved before i hit that chainsaw, right? OH FUCK!" and then me repeating that every time the conveyor hit the next step in the process.... My roommate made me turn off the monitor and then proceeded to throw up on the new carpet.

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My first dark underground lab-thing in Stalker SOC. I had no clue the game was supposed to be scary in spots, so it really caught me by surprise there.

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First time I bumped into an invisible bloodsucker in STALKER and was promptly savaged.

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Playing Project Zero

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The Metal Gear Solid Series.

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My PS2 controller cord is stretched so sometimes buttons will stop working. I was 2 hours into a race in Gran Turismo 3 when the brakes stopped working and 2 dudes passed me.

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Im not usaly one for scary games, but running from the monsters in silent hill shatterd memorys was the most exiliarating experance I had in a while.

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Fatal Frame on the xbox, headphones, 3am with the lights off.

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The hunters in RE1, especially when they are first introduced when one runs to the door and opens it!

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Anyone remember the first Silent Hill? You get to the school, things get fucked, shit gets rusty and all the doors are locked. In one room there's this ghostly figure that looks like a small child, it comes directly at you, you can't target it, and when it gets to you it just sort of passes through your leg and circles around you. It doesn't do anything but make you feel uncomfortable. But when it comes for you and you can't target it, holy shit.

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five words:

Final Fantasy VII: Corrupted Save